Thanksgiving Activity Ideas For Preschool

Thanksgiving Activity Ideas For Preschool

A Turkey out of a Clay Pot

Take a 3-inch clay pot. Sponge paint it with brown acrylic paint. Then take yellow foam and make a beak and red foam to make a wattle and feet. Glue wiggle eyes on the rim of the pot. Then glue the beak, wattle, & feet. Then take craft foam and stick it in the pot with some raffia or moss. The take Dum Dum or Tootsie Roll suckers and those are the feathers. Have fun!!

Make a Holiday Recipe Book with your class. Ask the children to give you step by step instructions on how to prepare their favorite meals for the holidays. Copy them on the cute clip are recipe cards and display or reproduce for their families to enjoy.

FRIENDSHIP TURKEYS – Cut out of wood a semi-circle. Cut out of fun foam a turkey head, gobbler, beak, and eyes. (Wiggle eyes can be used also.) Paint the semi-circle brown for the turkey body. Give each student in your class wooden ice cream spoons (The number of students in your class will determine how many spoons you will hand out). Have each student choose a color and paint all of his or her spoons that color. When they are dry, write with a permanent black marker that child’s name. When all the students have completed their spoons, have each one hand out one of their spoons to all of the other children in your class. Glue the spoons on the back of the brown semi-circle to complete the colorful FRIENDSHIP turkey. The children will have a very special memory to keep forever. PLEASE NOTE: on a limited budget, this can also be done with construction paper. ENJOY…….

Pumpkin Pie! Cut a paper plate into fourths. Give each child a piece of the pie and have them paint or color the wide edge brown and the rest of it orange. dab a little paste in the middle and sprinkle with real nutmeg. Glue a fluffed up cotton ball in the center for the whipped cream! Wolahh! Pumpkin Pie!

Cut a paper cornucopia out of brown construction paper. have the children glue it onto a piece of large, colorful construction paper. then cut out pix of food from magazines and glue them onto the opening of the cornucopia.

Thanksgiving Centerpieces: Purchase small pumpkins (or apples will work). Using a large, blunt nail, help children hammer holes all around the top half of the pumpkin. Then allow children to select from a wide variety of silk flowers and greenery (in fall colors) that you have bought. Insert the plants into the nail holes. These make a beautiful centerpiece that lasts a long time.

Fold a piece of construction paper in half. Have the child put his hand down on the paper, fingertips just touching the fold. Keeping their fingers closed, trace their hand. Cut out, but leave attached at the fold (usually just the middle and maybe forefinger are attached.) It looks like praying hands. I ask my kids what they’re thankful for and write it on the inside.

In preparation for our Thanksgiving Feast, we talk about different foods we might eat like pumpkin pie. We then paint a large triangle with orange tempera paint and sprinkle on pumpkin pie spices like cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, etc. and glue on a cotton ball for whip cream.

For Thanksgiving, we make a big turkey for the bulletin board. I then give each student a large feather shape, cut out of paper, then they either paint it or decorate it with collage items. Afterwards, I ask them what are they thankful for and write it on their feather. The BB heading is “The Thankful Turkey”.

(found in mailbox magazine years ago) make a large round circle then use your (teachers) foot to make the turkey head and neck. glue or staple to a large circle.  Have children trace their feet at least 4 times on different colored construction paper and cut out. This will be the turkey’s feathers.  Curl the feathers out using a pencil (heal toward the body) Makes a very colorful thanksgiving bb.

Enlarge a picture of a Turkey to hang on the wall. Send home a different colored feather with each child for them to decorate as they wish. Have the child bring back the feather and place them on the Turkey!

Some ideas to give to the parents to use for their feathers: a family or child’s photo, sequins, glitter, magazine cutouts, feathers, crayons, markers or paints, bows, etc.