Thanksgiving Activity Ideas For Preschool

Thanksgiving Activity Ideas For Preschool

Thanksgiving Activity Ideas For Preschool

Over 50 easy Thanksgiving activity ideas for preschool through second grade.

I go to the local feed store and buy a 50-pound bag of corn feed to put in our water/sand table for our 2 & 3-year-olds. They love the different texture and smell of the corn.

My class does a Thanksgiving booklet entitled “I am Thankful for All These Things” The children are the illustrators of the book. First page- My Family, children glue a picture of their family and sponge print a heart near it. Second page- My Home, children connect the dots I have made of a triangle and square to make a house, then they color it in. third page-My Senses, children glue features on a face( wiggly eyes, cotton ball, yarn, macaroni) Fourth page- My Trees and Flowers, children glue a tree trunk out of construction paper to page and glue tissue paper for the leaves and then draw flower stem and either tissue paper the petals or draw them. (pom poms can be used also) Fifth page-My Food, children cut their favorite foods out of magazines and glue that to the page. Sixth page- My Friends, children cut out a traced paper chain of two children holding hands and glue that to the page. (make it simple, just head hands and legs) not only does this booklet reinforce basic motor skills but teaches children about things they are thankful for. Also, you can tie this into a theme about Authors and Illustrators. I know my children were really excited to be called illustrators after this activity.

This summer we planted a few mini pumpkin plants in our garden. The kids were fascinated watching them grow daily, and they are very hardy and easy to grow. We used them for a variety of things for 3 different themes: Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. We’ve painted them, did stamping, played games, counted sorted by size the possibilities have been endless!

This year we are doing something new for Thanksgiving. During the week of Thanksgiving, we will be having a friendly feast. It will take place during lunch hour since parents these days have such a hard time finding the time I realized they all had an hour at lunch! invitations will be sent out and each parent will join us for a lunch( probably chicken ) and each child will bring something from home to contribute. During the lunch, the children will be performing some fall songs and a Thanksgiving poem.

Turkey bulletin board.

Make a large turkey body out of brown wrapping paper with facial features. Send home a cardboard, cut-out feather with each child with a note explaining to decorate it as a family. Everyone will love the creative and unique effect of all the homemade feathers. Arrange the feathers behind the turkey body as they arrive. Some have cereal, candy corn, glitter, tissue paper, markers, etc.

Centerpieces: you will need a basket for each child along with a (foam squares used for flower arrangements), silk leaves or real leaves, small pine cones, acorns, and a candle to place in the middle. Have the kids put the foam in the center of the basket, place the candle in the middle of the foam, stick the leaves, pine cones, and acorns in the foam and around the foam to fill in the basket. Once done you have a beautiful centerpiece for your Thanksgiving dinner. When the kids are finished they have the biggest smiles and sense of accomplishment and the parents have a keepsake.

For a Thanksgiving Placemat, we use appropriate size paper so we can print both hands and have ample space. Let the children paint the background with pine branches, usually green paint and then when it dries or the next day, let them make handprints of your choice paint color for your theme. Between the handprints, or centered on the bottom I glue on this poem,” Sometimes you get discouraged, Because I am so small, And always leave my fingerprints, On furniture and walls. But every day I’m growing up, And soon I’ll be so tall, That all those little handprints, Will be so hard to recall. So here’s a special handprint, Just so that you can say, This is how my fingers looked when I placed them here today.”

During the month of November, my preschoolers learn about foods, as well as Thanksgiving. We cook many different kinds of foods, but most important we learn to set a table. To help learn this, we glue an actual setting (paper plate, plastic utensils, napkins) on paper and then paste foods on our plate that have been torn from a magazine.

Turkeys are not easy to come by for touching, but feathers at the sensory table shouldn’t be too hard to conjure up.

When the holiday is over, what do you do with all of those window clings? Laminate a closed file folder then gently slit it open and cut it into two sheets. Hole punch the edge and insert it into your theme notebook. The clings stick to the laminated side but not to any other sides. Keeps it all together for next year!