Teddy Bear Picnic Day

Teddy Bear Picnic

Teddy Bear Picnic 

Teddy Bear Picnic ideas for preschoolers through second grade.

Teddy Bears Picnic
Age 4 and up
Materials needed: Plastic food, basket, scarf or small picnic blanket, teddy bear and The Teddy Bear’s Picnic song.

Spread the scarf on the floor, and have children sit in a circle around the scarf. Bring out a basket of plastic food. Go around the circle, and ask each child to take out and identify one piece of food and what the color is. Ask them to place it on the scarf. When you have done this with each child, explain that they will now pass a teddy bear around the circle when the music is playing. (use The Teddy Bear’s Picnic) Explain that when the music stops, the child holding the bear stands up and dances around the outside of the circle with the bear to the music. I suggest 2 laps around. Then stop the music. The child rejoins the circle on the floor. Repeat until all children have had a turn. (you may have to practice the concept of passing the bear around the circle. Encourage them to not touch the food on the picnic blanket and to stay focused on the passing of the bear)

Optional: When the game is finished, put out Teddy Grahams on the scarf for the children to eat.

This is a great game which encourages teamwork, independence, and creative movement.

Our teacher had each student bring in a teddy bear and a ‘sleeping bag’ for the teddy (pillowcase/pillow). The bears spent the night in the classroom. When the kids got to school the next morning, they were so surprised to find each of their bears in a different center. One bear was playing LEGOS. Another was reading. One had written on the chalkboard. One wrote a note to his ‘owner’ and slipped it on his desk. SO CUTE! And the kids had to clean up any mess their teddy bear had made. They loved it.

We have students make a car for their teddy using a shoe box. Let students paint it any way they choose. When it is dry add a string so that the students can pull their teddy. We then take our teddy’s on parade.

Let students make a picture of what they do with their teddy at home. The children enjoy making up stories about their teddy bears.  Then, have a teddy bear picnic and let the students tell their stories.

Teddy Bear Picnic