Teacher Appreciation Curriculum

Something different each day. Monday was a kick-off breakfast before school with a potted plant that was donated by a local nursery. Tuesday the teachers arrived to find that their doors had been transformed with flower shaped thank you notes from the students and parents from that class. Wednesday we made cookie bouquets with parent donated cookies. Thursday a two local massage therapists gave 5-minute shoulder massages to the teachers during their off period. Then parent volunteers made fruit smoothies for them to take back to the classroom. Friday we have a special luncheon in a nice quite setting and parents served the teachers lunch. The teachers were overwhelmed by this show of appreciation.

Every teacher I have ever given this to was touched deeply. Make a book with the children’s handprints is very easy. Without the teacher knowing, I get each student to trace his/her hand on white construction paper and write inside it: “Mr/Mrs.______ is special to me because ________. Love, _____ ” Then I cut out the tracing and glue it onto colored construction paper. I punch two or three holes on one side and tie them together to make a book. You can make a cover by writing a famous quote or saying from a greeting card on the cover page.

I have started this now the last two years and the teachers just love it. First I get baskets off season such as last year for this year I got Easter Baskets at 75% off at Michael’s Craft store. Then I start filling them – with pencils I pick up seasonable Halloween/Christmas/Easter (something a teacher can always had out). I put stickers, envelopes, file folders, note pads, and all the little things I found. Lately I found printable bingo cards at Kidsdomain.com and I then laminate them and do enough for the class size. That way the teacher can use them each year. They can use candy (like seasonable M&M’s or Jelly Beans or an item) this year my son’s teacher used pop corn. I fill it with more things – the fun CD games you get off the cereal boxes in the fall. I found some teacher Flags. I included chalk that I picked up at JoAnn’s in their kids section over the summer. I give suggestions too – example: last year in my son’s room they have to write up a line telling something nice about each person in the room. Then they used the envelopes with that child’s name and put in their response. I found out my son is a comedian which didn’t realize and then started to see it more and more in his personality. They all said he was nice too! Something you love to hear about your child. I found this site http://holidayorganizer.com/gifts/giftsjar/journal.html#slips and printed out some – and put them in the basket for the teacher to use.

A really good time to pick up supplies is when they come out before school starts or there after. Then some times you find the things they didn’t sell they really mark down. I just have a grand time filling it up and finding things through out the year.

I have two items I did this year. First one is I picked up an Easter basket after Easter for 90% off and filled it with everything I could thing of when it comes to supplies, chalk/pencils/jelly pens/envelopes/large manila envelopes/file folders and the list goes on and on – paper clips you get the idea.