Tea Party Art

We used cookie cutters for stencils and decorated our ‘cookies’ with puffy paint ‘icing’. Also cut out a circle for a saucer and a tea cup shape. Looked cute all together on the bulletin board.

Give each child a teapot card pre-drawn on a piece of construction paper for him/her to cut out. On the inside of the card should be written: I know that you love me and enjoy being with me. But sometimes I am rowdy, and busy as a bee. If you get discouraged, take a gift from me… Prepare the bag inside this card, relax with your hot tea!

(To make the teapot like a card, fold a piece of construction paper. Let the fold be the handle, and cut to make a teapot. You will be able to open the teapot from the spout end. Staple a tea bag inside the card.)

Children can decorate the outside of the teapot anyway they wish!

Using Crayola’s Model Magic, roll out into a thin layer on tabletop. Using a teapot cookie cutter, cut out one teapot per child. While still wet, use a straw to make a hole at the top of each pot. After allowing each piece to dry over night, use water colors to paint the teapots. Use a pretty chiffon ribbon, through the hole at the top to hang the teapot. Makes a cute Mother’s Day gift.