Summer Science

summer science

Buy a “Sun Tea Pitcher” (or any glass pitcher, pref. the kind that
dispenses) and fill it with water. Then put in several tea bags and ask your class what they see. Then take the pitcher outside for a few hours. After awhile ask the children what happened to the water. Let them try a cup of “Sun Tea” and poll their responses.
Place black stones in refrigerator. After children are allowed to feel that they are cold, have them place them outside in a sunny spot for an hour or so… They will be surprised to see that the stones are warm when they return.
Have several already grown Sunflowers on trays. Have some tweezers on the tray and let the children pull the seeds from the sunflower. You could also add a few sunflower seed packets in the area and the pictures of the various stages of growth. You can use the seeds in an art project or have the children take them out to feed the animals.
Have the children place several containers filled with food into the ground. Place a few stones around the cups and put a piece of cardboard on top. In each container put food that will attract bugs, and those that won’t. Ask the children to suggest the foods they think the bugs will like. Do this in the first part of the class and check it after about and hour or so.You can chart the results. Some examples of food would be (maple syrup, sugar, cookie crumbs, bread crumbs, fruit scraps,cheese, etc. This experiment can be used for several areas: Math – calculating, and graphing Science – testing, experimenting Environment – which types of bugs will be attracted, observation, discussion on the benefits of bugs and their purpose. Reading – The hungry caterpillar Writing – keeping a journal, charting
Prisms – Let children investigate the sun’s rays through prisms both in and outside of the classroom. Most educator’s store will sell actual prisms that can be displayed by windows for chidlren to explore. Another neat way to let children investigate the sun is by taking them outside and running throught the hose or sprinkler. Ask the children if they can find the rainbow and explain that the water is the window that lets the sun’s colors in just like the glass prism!
This is for all of you that live in really hot areas of the country. Go outside one day and fry and egg on the sidewalk. As a child growing up in Phoenix, Az. this was one of my favorite activities. Talk to the children about how the sidewalk and blacktop soaks up the summer heat. Ask them if they think that it is hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk or blacktop. Chart their responses. Go out and see what happens!