Summer Games

Popsicle Toes…
For a nice HOT day You will Need…
1. A kiddie Pool
2. A bag or two of ice
3. Chairs to go around the pool
4. any thing like a bucket that
the children can put their ice

In groups of how many you can fit around the pool… have child sit in chair and when you say go they need to catch as many ice cubes as they can with their toes and put them in their bucket. About 2 min. or until the cubes melt!!! Because of expenses you can use paper plates in place of buckets.

We turn our playground into a water park once a week. We attach a small sprinkler to the top of our slide to make it a water-slide, add a couple of sprinklers in different areas of the playground. We also provide big sponges and a container of water that has baby shampoo in it so they can wash the playground equipment with bubbles, but no tears. The children wear swimsuits, and we always use sunscreen on them. These are our favorite days of the summer.

First get six little buckets. Then get six little balls. have each child throw one ball into each bucket. If they miss the first one have them try the same one again. If they make it have them go to the next one and continue this pattern.

On a hot day, have the children go outside. Fill up cups of water, then give one to each child. Then have the children run with the cup of water on there head. The last person with water in there cup, wins.


This game is wonderful for those hot summer days outside. It is very similar to duck-duck-gray duck. The “it” child gets a small cup full of water. As they pass each child they “drip” a small amount of water on their head saying “drip”. They drop the whole glass of water on a child who is the next person it.

I work with all ages, but mostly 3-5 year olds. In the summer heat they enjoy taking the spongy balls (that usually come with the bats) and soak them in water to play catch , just to throw in the air, or just to fill and squish. I’m sure all ages will enjoy this activity.