Summer Games

I work in the younger 2’s class and they love this idea! It is great for filling time or rainy days. Take a large blanket and have everyone sit on the floor. Say, “1,2,3, Special blanket!” and drape the blanket out on top of them, as though you were laying it out for a picnic, and then pull it back up right away. Do this over and over. I get lots of laughs, and it attracts the other children to the group.

The Preschool Summer Olympics

Set up some of the games mentioned on this site as well as any other fun outdoor games and have the younger children or the older ones who are out of school come a be the audience and the cheerleaders. Give out certificates of participation to each child.

Have a summer carnival! My friend (who also runs a summer preschool)and I get together with our groups and put on a miniature carnival, the kids can win inexpensive prizes, playing games like Fish Pond, throw a ball to knock over a stack of blocks, walk on a (low) balance beam, relay races etc. The kids love it and meet new friends too!

Water Brigade: You need four buckets. Two for each team. Divide children into two teams. On the play ground put two buckets on one side and two buckets on the other side of the playground. Put children in line between the buckets. Give each child a cup. Fill two of the buckets on the same side. Have the leader fill his cup then turn and pour it into the cup of the person behind him, then he does the same thing until it reaches the empty bucket. Do this until all of the water from the first bucket is empty. I have done this with children ages two to eight, in the same group and it is fun for all.

Water Balloons

Divide children into teams and provide each team with a sheet. Then place water balloons onto one sheet. Let the kids toss the balloons from one sheet to the other. You can select the winners by who has a balloon left, who is the wettest or who is left dry, etc. Of course, the children will know the rules of picking up all the balloon parts.

(Editor’s note: Remember, do not use balloons with young children. They may choke on them. This activity would be appropriate for older fours and fives.)

On a hot day, have children form a line. Have them facing a bucket full of water. At the end of the line place an empty bucket. When you say go, hand the child in front a colander. Have him/her fill it up with water and pass it over his/her head to the next person. Have each child pass it over his/her head until it reaches the last person. This person, pours the remaining water into the empty bucket, and then passes the colander back to the front. The game continues until you say stop. This is a fun game for hot days.