Summer Art

Sun Catchers

All sizes of plastic lids
Different colors of tissue paper cut into small pieces
Glue thinned with water
Paint brushes
Paper punch

Guide the children to paint the thinned glue onto the plastic lids and then arrange the tissue paper all over them. When dry, punch a hole through the lids, string the ribbon through the hole and hang in your window. Talk with the children about the colors or shapes they see when the sun is shining on them.

Summer Sun Catchers

Corn Syrup
Food coloring
Old paint brushes
Plastic lids


Make different colors of corn syrup paint by adding food coloring (be sure to add quite a bit of food coloring). Guide the children to paint on the plastic lids with the different colors. Allow the sun catchers to dry (this might take a couple of days) and hang in the window.

Corn Meal Sun

Yellow Poster board
Yellow Corn Meal
Salt Shakers
Old Paint Brushes

Cut a large sun shape out of the yellow poster board. Fill the salt shakers with the corn meal. Guide the children to paint the poster board with the glue and then to use the salt shakers to shake the corn meal onto the sun.

Sun Prints

Objects from your classroom such as paint brushes, blocks, or anything that would make an interesting print
Dark colored construction paper

Have the children place the objects on their construction paper. Take their creations out into the direct sunlight and leave them outside all day. At the end of the day, go outside and check to see what happened to the construction paper!