Summer Art

I stuck up big sheets of paper outside and put paint in a tray. The children dipped new flyswatters in the paint and smacked the paper. I tried this with 2 year olds and they went crazy for it.

Try giving the children an ice cube and dry tempera paint or unsweetened Kool-Aid on a piece of paper…let them create a “KOOL PAINTING!” all they have to do is drag the ice thru the dry mixture and paint away. Put the paper into a flat box from sodas and let them rotate the box and let the ice move on its own on the colored dry “stuff”. I have also used paint by water pages from books and let the children make “magic” paintings using the ice cubes instead of a brush and water.

Fill spray bottles with food color water and let the kids spray the sandbox sand. You’ll have your own painted desert. Then show them how to magically return the sand to normal by turning over with a sand shovel and start again.

Fence Painting
Items Required:
Large Cheap Paint Brushes
Soap (optional)


Fill the buckets with water and soap and let the children paint everything outside, fence, climbing center, trikes etc. Children just love this activity.

Talk to your kiddo’s about things they like to do in the summer. Then, guide the children to look through magazines and travel brochures and cut out pictures of their favorite summer things. Provide glue and paper to make a collage. Ask the children to tell you about their collage and write down their words on their paper.

Construction paper
Transportation shapes cut out of poster board (cars, trains, airplanes, boats, buses, etc.)
Shoe polish bottles filled with different colors of tempera paint

Talk with the children about where they are going on vacation and how are they going to get there. Hold up each shape and talk about how each one could be used to go on vacation. After your discussion, have the children choose a transportation shape. Guide them to hold the shape down with one hand and paint around it with the shoe polish bottle to make prints.