Summer Art

Feet Painting:

Have large pieces of butcher paper and a small tray of paint sitting in front of a chair. Let the child dip their foot into the paint and paint a picture. For easy cleanup have a bucket of soapy water near and a towel!

We had so much fun with our preschoolers today!!!We put up a big piece of butcher paper outside on the fence.We put Koosh balls in containers of colored paint and let the children have fun throwing them against the paper. They made cool designs on the paper and we all had so much fun. A few hints, we had the children already in their bathing suits all ready to be hosed down in the hot weather!!!! We also added a little bit of liquid soap to the paint for easier washing. It was a blast!!!!

Watermelon magnets

Cut red styrofoam plates into fours. Have children cover edge of each section with cut up squares of green tissue paper for the rind. Save watermelon seeds and have children glue five or six seeds on their slice of watermelon. Attach a magnet on back and they have a cute summer refrigerator magnet.

Cooperative Golfball Art

Materials: plastic swimming pool

large piece of paper

paint (3 -4 colors)

golf balls (one per color of paint)

Place large piece of paper inside bottom of empty swimming pool. Put golf balls of each color in bottom of pool.The children hold the edges of the pool and COOPERATIVELY roll the golf balls around the pool. (Good playground activity.) The kids at our school loved it and we made lots of murals!

Ice Cream Cones – You will need circles traced on different colored construction paper as well as triangles on brown paper. Allow the children to pick out the different “flavors” of ice cream they want on their cone. After cutting them out have the children glue them to the cone. You may want to write the children’s names on their cones. (Real sprinkles and red pom-pom cherries are optional accessories the kids love to add on!)

Bubble blowing – purple colored liquid soap (or other color according to the season) in a eye dropper bottle (you might water this down), plastic straws, a small pitcher, a small sponge and a small bowl for water all on a tray. With the pitcher, the child child fills the bowl with water, adds one dropper full of soap into the bowl, selects a straw and then blows. Make sure the child removes everything from the tray except the bowl of soapy water. This is sort of like blowing bubbles into a glass of milk but allow the child to have the bubbles overflow from the dish onto the tray. The more they blow, the more to clean up but children love doing this and it is great for oral motor development (which affects articulation skills).