Summer Art

Simple Sun Catchers

Clear contact paper Small pieces of tissue paper

I used this with very young preschoolers (16-24 mos.) and they turned out terrific projects.

Cut contact paper into rectangles about 5″ by 10″. Peel back the protective covering only half way. Have kids place the tissue paper pieces all over the exposed side. Remove the remaining protective covering and fold over the tissue paper. These can even be trimmed to different shapes. We made sun shapes. We simply cellophane taped our sun catchers to the windows. Beautiful and easy.

July is National Blueberry Month! I had my kids look at blueberries and taste them. Then, I added a little water and heated them up in the microwave. (1 min) Then I mashed them up in front of the kids. Lastly, we used the mashed up blueberry juice as paint. They painted a white sheet of paper and I cut them into circles…Our Own Blueberry Bunch!

Sunflower Handprint Materials: Green, Yellow, Brown paint White paper 12×18 Paint brushes

Paint the child’s fingers yellow and the palm brown. Make handprints at the top of the page in a circle until the fingers wrap around the brown and it looks like a flower. I let the child use the green to make the stem and leaves and grass.

Every summer, my senior preschool group and I take a city bus to the GoodWill to buy lots of flat sheets. We take them back to the center and build a “fort-making kit”, including all of the stuff needed to make a wonderful outdoor summer tent – wide masking tape, safe scissors and string. The children have a fabulous time and hone, over and over again, problem solving a aco-operative building skills! In the process, we also learn a bit about recycling fabric!

Shadow Tracing! We have a great time having the children pose as we (or another child) traces their shadows on the sidewalk or cement wall, with chalk. Then, with colored chalk, the kid get to color them in outfits to fit the pose, or what they are wearing that day. Kids love these self portraits That decorate our sidewalk in front of our center. (The highlight of this activity is when “they” get to trace and color their caregivers!!!)


Take an old sheet or large sheet of paper and tape it to the fence. Then give the kids paint brushes and let them flick the paint onto the sheet. The kids LOVE it!! But, a couple of hints…for those little arms to flick the paint forward, they have to first snap the paintbrush back, so don’t stand behind them(I ruined a brand new shirt this way!)! Also, have the kids in a bathing suit or long paint shirt with their shoes and socks off. Less parent complaints this way!