Summer Art

Sunflowers… Materials needed: Sunflower seeds, paper plates, white glue, yellow construction paper

Pour white glue into a paper plate, allowing it to spread to the edges. Have children drop in sunflower seeds in the middle of the plate. Give them large flower petals cut from yellow construction paper to go around the inside of the plate, (with one end in the glue) Let dry overnight and voila – a beautiful sunflower!

I came up with a great idea for all those CD’s that come in the mail. Cover the back with felt or colored paper. Have the children decorate with anything that sparkles.. ie sequence, glitter,… Add a ribbon through the center hole and hang or add a magnet to the back. Watch them shine, shine, shine!!

Sun Catchers you’ll need: wire clothes hangers, food coloring, cling wrap, and watered-down glue.

lay the cling wrap flat on the table. position the hanger on top of the cling wrap. spread glue onto area inside hanger. place drops of food coloring in area as well. fold cling wrap to completely cover both sides of hanger. let the children use their finger to spread the colors through the cling wrap. they love to see the colors mix and swirl!

Paper filter rainbows Materials: paper filters and food coloring and a squirt bottle filled with water. You take the coffee filter and lay it flat on the ground. You have the child squeeze drops of food coloring onto the coffee filter and make designs. Then spray the filter with water and the colors will run together and form a rainbow like design on the filter.

“Zippy drink” 1) 2 ripe bananas 2) 2 cups orange juice 3) 2 cups orange sherbet 4) Ice cubes 5) Pour all ingredients into a blender and blend until the consistency is one of a smoothie! 6) Taste 7) YUMMY!!! – Great summer treat :c)

Kids love to play with bubbles in the in the summer. So get out those bubbles, and make bubble prints on paper. In a margarine container mix 1/3 tempra paint, or food coloring with 2/3 liquid dishwashing detergent and a small amount of water. Have the children blow with a straw in the solution until the bubbles rise over the top of the container (don’t forget to poke a pin hole in the straw so the kids wont suck up the solution) then have them place a piece of paper over the top of the solution and move it around until they have bubble prints on paper.