Summer Art

Ping-Pong Painting

I did this with the handicapped pre-school class, and they thought it was great! Collect all sorts of round containers and get a bunch of ping-pong balls. Have different colors of paint in different bowls. Give the children a container and have them place a piece of paper inside so that it conforms to the shape of the container. Then, give each child a plastic cup with about 5 balls in it. Have the children dip the balls, one at a time, in the different colors of paint. Put the top back on the container. Now the children can work on their motor movements by rolling the containers back, forth, sideways, and by giving them a good shaking! Makes neat noises, too! I have found the big, dry oatmeal containers to be the perfect size. This can be done as a group project as well. Enjoy!

I teach three to five year olds and for the beginning of summer we made a large sign welcoming the season. We splattered painted a large section of butcher paper and then I took a close-up picture of each child. We then attached each picture to a camera-shaped cut out. On the cameras, I wrote the child’s first name in puffy paint and attached the finished cameras to the splattered painted paper. The title of the banner was “Splashing our way to a picture perfect summer.”

Materials needed: small paper plates, yellow paint and yellow crepe paper, sunflower seeds, green crepe paper or construction paper, glue scissors.

Have the children paint their plate yellow. When the paint is dry have them tear strips of yellow crepe paper and glue them onto the plate. They then glue sunflower seeds onto the paper plate, the children can make stems from the green crepe paper or green construction and glue them on.

An Outside Activity:
When it is very hot out we give out paint brushes (the kind that you really paint a house with) and a bucket of water and the children will paint for hours. The only rules are they can’t paint windows and they can not empty their buckets on anyone. I got 5 paint brushes for a dollar at the dollar store.

Outdoor painting:
This activity is best done with the children’s swimsuits on.
Materials needed: an old white or light colored sheet or a large piece of white paper, pans of various colors of paint.
Lay the sheet or paper on the ground and put the pans of paint next to it. Have the children step into the paint and then walk on the sheet or paper. They could also use their hands or fingers to make designs. When they are done, let them run through the sprinkler to wash off. Hint: add some soap to the paint to help with cleanup.

Place a piece of wax paper out and let the children make squiggles and designs with glue on the wax paper (try to have squiggle lines thicker than normal). Then have children put sand or colored sand over the glue. Let dry and then peel from the wax paper. They turn out really neat! We even hung ours in the window.