Sukkot and Sukkah Art Curriculum

Hanging fruit craft for your Sukkah
Cut out large fruit shapes from construction paper, have children stamp using real fruit. Cut fruit in half, put a Popsicle stick on top for handle, and dip in paint. (Example: use red paint and 1/2 apple w/apple cut out) Laminate, punch hole on top, hang from your Sukkah using yarn.

At Sukkot my children make flags or banners. For the flags we either color the Torah, or Israel or Lashanah Tovah on them and take a piece of construction paper and glue it on the back of our flag and cut 2 little slits down the left side of the flag and stick skabob skewers through them as there poles.

Great for young children- I did it with threes. Take a plastic cover from a bread crumb tin or other type of tin drum. The children fill it with glue and then place in it sequins, buttons, etc. Also attach one end of a ribbon. when dry, take it out and allow other side to dry. Then, use the ribbon to tie it up in the Sukkah. it is a sun catcher! Warning; It takes a long time to dry. Don’t leave it to the last minute.

Photo copy a picture of fruit, staple together the paper with fruit on either side. Have the children decorate both sides of the paper, cut around the fruit, then stuff with tissue and staple together. Hang with string! Perfect for any Sukkah! My kids loved it!

String up your “Shana Tova” cards and tie them across your Sukkah. Paper chains can be made by cutting construction paper into 1″ strips and connecting them in loops to each other with a stapler/glue or tape.