Sukkot and Sukkah Art Curriculum

Sukkot Decorations – make a bumble bee for your Sukkot! Have kids paint a toilet paper roll yellow. Pre-cut little black dots for kids to glue on or you could use pre-cut black stripes. Either one is fine. Pre-cut wings and have them glue them on. Hole punch the bees and let them hang!

Take a big empty appliance box. set in on a drop cloth have the children one day sponge paint it. Another day sticker it. Place glitter on it…. then cut a door into it and collect branches on top to make it into a Sukkah then place near your dramatic play area and let the children play in their own Sukkah!

You can make a Sukkah hat using an empty berry basket. Cut a door. We use grapevine or then bamboo to weave into the roof and ribbon, garden trimmings and fruit and vegetable stickers for the sides. Add ribbon ties and wear as a hat or tape onto a piece of tag-board for a table decoration.