Sukkot and Sukkah Snacks

In Calgary we take 3 graham crackers and use peanut butter as “glue”.  Then we put Trix* cereal and Smarties , M&Ms, Skittles and candy like that for decorations. We also can cut up small pieces of grapes or apples and other fruits.
Then I cover it all with chocolate spreading and enjoy!
Sukkot Samech!

Gingerbread Sukkahs. Children can make edible Sukkah with graham crackers for walls and marshmallow fluff to make them stick. For the roof lay fresh parsley leaves on top!

I am a kindergarten Judaic teacher at the Hebrew Academy in Atlanta. We make the following Sukkot snack”:

Take three graham crackers and place them upright to form the three walls of the sukkah. “Stick” them together with icing or peanut butter. Take pretzels and place them carefully on the top. Decorate with Trix cereal – again using the icing or peanut butter to stick them on the walls.

The kids enjoy it!


Have each child bring in a different fruit. Place it in a bag and have the children guess what it is. Then cut up all the fruit and make a friendship fruit salad.