Sukkot and Sukkah Miscellaneous Ideas

This game is called “Perot Salad-fruit salad”.   Teach the names of fruits in Hebrew. Make at least 2 cards of each of a number of fruits. Children sit in a circle. Give each child a fruit picture. The leader calls out a fruit, say “tapuchim(apples). The children who have apple pictures must stand up and switch places. Continue on with all the fruits. But at some point, announce “Perot salad (fruit salad) and everyone stands up and must find a new place to sit.

During Sukkot, we cut the top off a cardboard box, cut out the front also…We put in the wooden doll house table and chairs, put branches on the top, and hang miniature fruits and veggies from sticks on the roof…One year we had lots of cut out and laminated pictures to decorate the table with. Small plastic food.And don’t forget to let the kids make small drawings to decorate the walls just like the Big Sukkah!