Strawberry Art Ideas For Preschoolers

Strawberry Art Ideas For Preschoolers

Strawberry Art Ideas For Preschoolers

Strawberry Art Ideas For Preschoolers through second grade.

Buy strawberry shampoo and mix it with green paint.Let the kids paint with it on red paper and when it dries it’s scratch and sniff strawberries!

My Kids love shaving cream painting, but the perfumes in them drive me crazy! I came across this recipe for a cream made from shampoo, it smells better and is so much cheaper than shaving cream. Mix 3 teaspoons Shampoo with a small amount of water in a mixing bowl. Whip with an electric mixer until it becomes like shaving cream. Add food coloring if desired. We made beautiful blue and purple cream and the strawberry smell was much nicer than shaving cream!

Take a berry basket and dip one side in any color paint, press on paper to make a print. Add construction paper strawberry cutouts. Can be used with other forms of berries too.

1/2 cup red tempera paint

1 envelope KOOL-AID strawberry

1 small cup

Mix the strawberry Kool-Aid packet with your red tempera paint and watch the chemical reaction that takes place.

Once mixed well and then left alone the paint and Kool-Aid mixture will begin to ooze and bubble when it comes close to the edge stir up again and the reaction starts all over again.

I did this by accident one day while doing my strawberry unit…

Originally this was an art project.

We still added poppy seeds and used the paint to make our strawberry paintings.

I found that KOOL-AID brand with CRAYOLA brand paint is what makes this reaction. Wylers will not work.

You can do a two-day art project of making strawberries. Cut out strawberry shapes out of white construction paper.  Let the children sponge paint them red. The next day, let the children take q-tips and make black seeds.

Handprint Strawberries

Dip the child’s hand in red paint and make a handprint on white construction paper.  Let dry.  Dip the child’s thumb in green paint and put three thumbprints at the top of the palm for the stem.  Then, the child paints black seeds on the handprint.  For an example, please see

Another Handprint Strawberry

Cut strawberry shapes out of red construction paper.  Let the children put small sticky dots on the strawberry for the seeds.  Dip each child’s hand in green paint and have them make a handprint on white construction paper.  When the handprints are dry, cut out and glue to the top of the strawberries for the stems.  Very cute!

Bubble Wrap Strawberry Prints

Cut bubble wrap into strawberry shapes.  Glue the bubble wrap strawberry to poster board or cardstock.  Let the children paint the bubble wrap strawberry with red paint and make prints with white construction paper.

Strawberry Printing

You will need large, fresh strawberries for this activity.  Cut the large strawberries in half.  Let the children dip them in red paint to make prints.  You could even add strawberry Kool-Aid to the paint for an added sensory experience.

Strawberry Art Ideas For Preschoolers

Strawberry Art Ideas For Preschoolers through second grade.