Star Art

I gave my preschoolers star-shaped cookie cutters, blue and black construction paper, and yellow and white paint. They loved stamping the cookie cutters on the paper, and the projects came out really cute!

Star light, Star bright:

I cut out a big star shape and let the kids glue it onto to dark blue construction paper, they added gold glitter and sequins. I added the poem and ask them what their wish would be and put that on there as well, the kids loved it!

Twinkling star crowns:

I made a hat from paper plates by cutting six triangles from the center of the plate but not all the way through ( so they are still attached) I let the kids use marker to decorate. Once they were done with that, I pressed the triangles so they stuck up and the kids added stars to the tips. Really cute and cheap on your supply budget!

Moon and star collage:

Simply enough, I let the kids use a star punch and punch out light blue, blue, and white stars. I gave them a pre-cut moon, or they can cut it. They glued al onto a black piece of construction paper ( I gave half pieces cause the stars were small) Simply and they liked the punching part.

I had my pre-schoolers each take a piece of foil, about the size of a regular sheet of paper, and then put glue all over the paper. Then they glued foam multi-colored stars to the foil and then I hung the foil from the ceiling and it looked like their own constellations!