St. Patrick’s Day Songs

Leprechaun stew, Leprechaun stew,

If I don’t get some,

I don’t know what I’ll do.

Give away my pot of gold

Give away my shoe.

But don’t give away my Leprechaun Stew.


1 green shamrock, in the morning dew,

Another one sprouted, and then there were two.

2 green shamrocks, growing beneath a tree;

Another one sprouted and then there were three.

3 green shamrocks, by the cottage door;

Another one sprouted,

And then there were four.

4 green shamrocks, near a beehive

Another one sprouted,

And then there were five.

5 little shamrocks, bright and emerald green,

Think of all the luck these shamrocks will bring.

I do not remember where I got this one from but the kids love it.

The Leprechaun (Fingerplay)

A leprechaun is small and green,

(Use hand to indicate a small person.)

He hides where he cannot be seen.

(Cover eyes with hands.)

But if you catch one on this day,

(Shake finger.)

He must give his gold away.

(Pretend to put gold in pocket.)

St. Patrick’s Day Songs

St. Patrick’s Day Songs for toddler, preschool, and school-aged children