St. Patrick’s Day Snacks

Try making Irish Soda bread, it’s similar to a biscuit dough, very easy to make, it doesn’t need to rise and each child could make their own. Serve it with green cream cheese. What child wouldn’t love fresh warm bread as a snack. Let me know if you want the recipe, I’d be happy to send it. This is a great site!!!

Place a shamrock cookie cutter on a griddle and put green food coloring into your pancake batter then pour your pancake batter into the cookie cutter and wait about two or three minutes before removing the cookie cutter. Remove the cookie cutter, flip your shamrock pancake and serve with warm syrup for breakfast.

Leprechaun Pie mix two boxes of pistachio pudding with milk. Add a container of cool whip. Let the children scoop up a spoonful and put into a individual pie crust. Refrigerate for about 30 minutes.

Buy a couple of boxes of Keebler Vanilla Wafer Colors. Pick out the green ones and voila………instant green food! You could serve these with green pudding or green milk 🙂

For a fun St. Patrick’s activity, I bring in “Magic Leprechaun Powder”. I use Instant Pistachio Pudding mix and let the kids add the milk and take turns shaking the bowl or stirring. The children are quite amazed when it turns into something good to eat!


To make gold cookies, take two Ritz crackers and put peanut butter in between them and then dip them in butterscotch chips (that’s has been melted) and place on wax paper!! The kids love these!!

For St. Patrick’s Day, coat the inside of a crock pot with green food coloring. Add any cream based soup, and let the children start to stir. Magic happens!!

A snack idea that I plan on trying (and a friend of mine did last year) is to put green food coloring in bowls, then adding ice cream. This, of course, is magic ice cream and turns green when the kids stir it.

Mine is real simple, I put a small drop of green food color in the children’s glass before pouring their milk, and tell the children today we have magic milk, it starts white and turns green!!!

Green Leprechaun frosting for snacks is a big hit in my preschool classroom. Allow students to mix yellow and blue frosting (or cream cheese) with their finger paint brushes. The new green frosting can be spread on grahm crackers or mini bagels with fingers also!