St. Patrick’s Day Snacks

Green Peanut Butter Sandwiches! Add food coloring to peanut butter and spread onto two slices of bread. You can either make shamrocks with a cookie cutter or cut the sandwiches into squares.

I like to bring in Lucky Charm cereal. I encourage my students to count and sort the marshmallow shapes. They also serve as a tasty snack.

We always serve a green lunch, too, and usually do a few related cooking projects, but our surprise hit last year was “Lucky Charms” cereal, with or without milk. It made a quick, simple afternoon snack on this special day. Another easy green treat: combine equal parts cream cheese and marshmallow cream. Tint green and serve as dip for green apples.

My mother would always fix grits (with green food coloring) and green milk. She would also give us two shamrock cookies that she made the night before. It was a fun and delicious breakfast before we left for school!

I make all of my food green on this day. I bake buns that have been dyed green. I make green egg salad for the inside. I make green Kool-aide. I serve cucumbers, celery, pickles, etc. The kids really enjoy the all green meal.

Shamrock Shakes In a blender put two cups of milk, two cups lime sherbet, and two ripe bananas. Then blend together and its ready to serve.

Every year with my 4 and 5 year olds we have a “Tasting of the Green” on St. Pat’s Day. I ask each child’s parent to send in a green food to share with the class. I ask for things like green apples, green jell-o, kiwi, pickles, green grapes, celery, green beans, green kool-aid, etc. It is great fun to see the children try things they have never had before. We sometimes get some funny faces, too.

I had done this for several years, the kids always enjoyed it and my daughter (11yrs) still talks about it happily. I would hide the little bags of gold covered chocolate in different places. I wouldn’t mention looking for them until we were getting ready for lunch, we would have frozen cheese pizza with milk to drink. The kids would see me opening the pizza and even putting it in the oven but while they were looking for their “golden money bags” I would go in and add green food coloring to the tops of the pizza and in their glasses. That way when the kids seen me take the pizza out of the oven I would act surprised and amazed at the fact that the pizza had changed color. Must have been the leprechaun they would always say. Then when I would put white milk into their glasses they would be surprised because it would turn green because of the coloring I already had in their glasses. This works when we would have chicken and noodles w/mashed potatoes, I would color them while the kids were washing up. Same with cottage cheese, take it out of frig white but when added to their plates it was green. *Just remember to say something to their parents because it WILL make their stools a greenish color!

St. Patrick’s Day- Leprechaun Hats

Use colored vanilla wafers ( green) for the bottom, use a few drops of green food coloring in cream cheese for spreading on top to hold the top of the hat, use a green gum drop, or green Maraschino cherry for the top.

Make Leprechaun punch, by filling a punch bowl with 7 up and adding scoops of lime sherbet, as the sherbet melts it turns the soda green. Make green shamrocks, prepare a batch of Rice Krispie treats and add green food coloring to the marshmallows before you add the cereal and use a shamrock mold, (you can buy them at craft stores)