St. Patrick’s Day Snacks

St. Patrick's Day Snacks

St. Patrick’s Day Snacks

St. Patrick’s Day Snacks ideas for home and school.

Our cook makes a very special lunch on St. Paddy’s Day- green macaroni and cheese, just add green food coloring to the mixture. We also have green Jell-O and green juice. Just before lunch, we read “Green Eggs and Ham” we have been doing this for 20 years, the kids have always loved it!

First, you make a rainbow out of construction paper. For the pot of gold you get a cupcake holder gold one then you fill them up with corn pops cereal.

I take shamrock material and cut it into squares. I then fill t with a little handful of M&Ms or sweet tarts, whatever works for you. Then tie off the top with a nice green ribbon. This works nicely since you can’t find much Candy out there for Saint Paddy’s Day. I like to put it in their grab bags to go home from the party we have each year. Also works well for any holiday!

Every St. Patrick’s Day the children make Leprechaun Lures. We get shoe boxes from local stores and the children use paint, glitter, gold foil, green paper to decorate it any way they like. We put a toilet paper roll in a hole in the top for a chimney and cut a door out for him (shoebox is upside down). Each child makes their own to take home but we make a “class” lure for use on St. Patrick’s Day. We put it in our Meeting room and sneak back to see if we can catch a glimpse of him, (another teacher has gone in and put some gold foil chocolate coins inside while we are in our room). We “see” him running away quickly and check the box where we find enough gold for all the children. As we walk back to our room there is green glitter (again another teacher) on a trail leading to our refrigerator. We follow the trail and when we open the refrigerator we notice that the Leprechaun has turned our apple juice green because we took his gold! The children love it and say they really saw him “run away”. We then eat the chocolate and drink the leprechaun juice for snack. They talk about it for days and some children remember it for years!

Sprinkle green sugar on miniature marshmallows. Tell the kids the Little Green men got scared and dropped their green dust on them. Eat for a snack!

Empty a box of lime Jell-O (it is white prior to mixing) into a jar with holes at the top( I found one at the Dollar Store). Slice apples making sure each is slightly damp. I wrap the green paper around the jar with “Leprechaun Dust” written on it. After searching for the jar, each student sprinkles some dust on their apples. Once the Jell-O hits the wet apples, it turns green.

Shamrock Shake

In a blender: vanilla ice cream, milk, and mint extract. Enjoy!

We always make Irish Potatoes on Saint Paddy’s Day. It’s a childhood tradition I bring into my classroom. Some versions of the recipe calls for potatoes but my version does not. It’s messy but it’s a lot of fun. The mixture may be easier to roll if it’s chilled for a few minutes after mixing.

Irish Potatoes Recipe

7 ounces shredded sweet coconut
1 pound confectioner’s sugar
8 ounces cream cheese
4 tsp vanilla
Mix everything together except the cinnamon.
Form into small, irregular shaped balls.
Roll in cinnamon

For Saint Paddy’s I bring in green milk (just made with green food coloring) and green sugar cookies. All the kids loved it!!!!

Get a baby food jar for each child. Then place 2 tablespoons of vanilla instant pudding and 1/4 cup of milk in each jar, also add a few drops of green food coloring. Put the lids on the jars and let the children shake up their pudding, they can even eat it right out of the jar!

I started this about four years ago with two girls I took care of as a nanny for five years. We would sit down and read “Green Eggs and Ham” together, and then make green eggs and ham to eat. When they were younger, we had it for lunch. When they got older and started eating lunch at school, we had it as a snack. Just scramble eggs, add green food coloring, and mix in pieces of diced ham. It’s a lot of fun!