St. Patrick’s Day Games For School

St. Patrick’s Day Games For School and Home

We begin the month by reading a lot about St. Patrick’s Day and discussing the tale of the leprechaun. On that day those “sneaky” leprechauns play many tricks on us. One is that our breakfast & lunch has been turned green. (green pancakes, green milk, green eggs, green bread etc. amazing what a little green food color can do to bring excitement to the day.) Then we discover that the leprechaun has a leak in his bag of gold. We follow the trail of gold coins (I have used chocolate coins, pennies and nickels for “older children” or wrapped cardboard with tinfoil) The trail usually leads to a bag of treasure (one trail for each child) or a treasure hunt for all of them to locate a pot of treasure at the end.

Have 6-7 different sizes of shamrocks cut out for each child, also have some shamrocks traced for the children who choose to cut their own shamrocks, then punch holes in the center of all shamrocks, once again let the children punch the holes if they choose, then have the children lace the shamrocks according to size, Large one first and alternate with a small piece of a straw, (ex. pre-cut yarn with straw tied at one end and the other end with plastic needle or with tape, alternate straw, shamrock -big- straw, shamrock -next size, straw, etc.) until the child has used all of the shamrocks they would like, making a leprechaun ladder, hang around the room, the next morning before the children arrive sprinkle flour around the room and on the ladders and then tell the children to tip toe into class as to not scare the leprechauns away, show them the dust telling them it is the leprechauns foot prints, you will see their excitement and just how quiet they will be.

It’s bozo buckets, St. Patrick’s Day style.


5 empty 1-gallon milk/water jugs black construction paper yellow fabric dried beans ( any large kind will do) green ribbon or yarn Tape

instructions: Cut milk/ water jugs just under the handles, and keep the bottom half. With the black construction paper cut out 10 large St. Patrick’s Day pots and tape one to the front and one on the back of the jugs. With the yellow fabric, cut out 5 circles about the size of a small paper plate then fill them with some beans. Gather the yellow fabric to form a ball and tie the ends up with the ribbon or yarn. Then play bozo buckets with a St. Patrick’s theme, the prizes could be anything such as chocolate coins.

St. Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt A couple days before St. Patrick’s Day tell the children a leprechaun visited the classroom lost all his gold, he left his pot and a reward notice saying that if you find his gold and refill his pot by St. Pat’s Day, he will leave a reward. The teacher has spray-painted items gold (feathers, plastic spoons, rocks, buttons, keys, etc.) and hidden them around the room. Each item the children find they place back in the pot (a black witch’s cauldron from Halloween) and receive a “lucky shamrock” sticker to place in their cubby. On St. Pats Day at naptime, the leprechaun returns and replaces items with a reward (shamrock-shaped cookies, green drink, green napkins and plates, goodie bags for children). The children have a ball with this game.

Place three plastic shamrocks (break off tips from those plastic cupcake decorative sticks you can find at the cake decorating store) into a bowl of green rice (color with alcohol as above). I also provide a pair of children’s sunglasses with the lenses covered with green felt as a blindfold. The child tries to locate the shamrocks in the rice without the use of sight.

I spray paint small rocks gold and hide them on the playground on St Patrick’s Day. Some are almost in plain sight but some are hidden so well, they continue to find them for weeks. They can take them home in snack size ziplock bags.

Hiding the Shamrock

1. Cut a shamrock out of construction paper.

2. Choose a child to be IT.

3. While others cover their eyes, IT hides the shamrock within a designated area.

4. All players open eyes and try to find the shamrock. The finder gets to be IT next.

Before the children arrive, stamp the floor of the room with mini footprints made from a foot-shaped sponge that has been dipped in talcum powder. I like to leave a window open a crack and sprinkle green glitter around the room. Each child has a turn using a magnifying glass (or make one from green saran and tagboard) to hunt for the little leprechauns. Have a colleague move things around the room while you are gone from it–proof that the little nasties have been visiting your school. Tell about the pot of gold and hide one somewhere to be found as a culminating activity. Of course, it will contain gold chocolate coins to share at snack time! Have fun.

Leprechaun Gold Game

I spray paint macaroni with gold paint and then hide them in the rice/bean table. The children are convinced the leprechaun lost his gold. They love finding the gold.

St. Patrick’s Day Games For School