St. Patrick’s Day Craft Ideas

Discuss Ireland and the importance of the potato. Cut some spuds in half and carve out shamrock, kettle, and coin shapes. Let the children use these “stamps” to make colorful prints. This is a cute way to make bulletin board borders if you have them stamp on adding machine tape.

Cut large shamrock shapes from fingerpainting paper. Put a blob of yellow and a blob of blue paint on the shamrock. Have the children fingerpaint and soon…GREEN! This is a good sensory way to learn about colors.

Cut a green pepper in half horizontally. The shape is sort of “shamrocky”. Dip in green paint and print.

Texture Shamrocks

We have our children use green fingerpaint that has been mixed with grits (to give it a texture) to cover a shamrock shape……

The kids love to feel the difference in the paint when the grits are added.

St. Patrick’s Day Craft Ideas

St. Patrick’s Day craft and art ideas for home and school.