St. Patrick’s Day Craft Ideas

Dropping blue and yellow drops of water onto one of those soap holders with the tiny suction cups on either side – one drop per suction cup. If the yellow and blue are alternated or intermixed, the child can then take a paper towel cut into a shamrock and lay on top of the soap holder. The colors mix to make a green shamrock.

We have been doing a couple weeks of “senses” being our topic and one of our art activities is to foot-paint. Since it is so close to St. Patrick’s Day, I cut the footpainted paper into a shamrock shape after they have dried.

Make a shamrock stained glass window hanging. Cut shamrock out of two pieces of construction paper. Glue white tissue paper on each opening of the shamrock. Have children use watered down glue to paint different colored tissue paper scraps on the tissue paper. Staple both sides together and hang on a window.

We made a huge handprint rainbow using different colored fingerpaint and white butcher paper as the background. We had the kids dip their hands in one color and print a few handprints along one row. Then other children did another row, until we made a huge rainbow. You can always add a pot of gold at then end after.

For St. Patrick’s Day we made a scrap book page. Using white paper I drew “S” lines all over the paper. So we talked about the letter “S”. Then in green paint using the preschoolers thumb we made shamrocks. This page then became a back ground page for other art work.

Take a broken cassette tape holder (the side the tape goes in) and cover with double-sided adhesive tape and then with yarn form a shamrock. You have an easy to handle stamp for kids – let them dip in a small amount of paint and then stamp onto paper. (You can do this with other shapes, hearts, balloons, or whatever, or you can even stick flat objects like keys on this.)

Handprint Shamrocks

Paint inside of palm and fingers omitting thumb, with green paint. center the first print on the upper half of the paper with fingers pointing down. Make two addtional hand prints, each at a fright angle to the first, with palms pointing out and fingers overlapping slightly Then use three fingers to paint a stem unter the clover leaves.

Shimmering Shamrocks

Cut out shamrock shapes from green paper. Have the children put glue around the edge of the shamrock. Sprinkle salt or sugar on the glue.

Or if you can find the green cellophane paper in the grocery store cut holes in the shamrock and put cellophane behind it.

Cut out green shamrock shapes. Give children squares of green tissue paper. Have them roll the tissue squares into little balls. Then glue on the shamrock. Little ones really enjoy this. Looks pretty on the bulletin board or hanging from the ceiling.

Over the Rainbow

Materials needed crayons or paint and a large sheet of paper.

1. Draw a huge rainbow for the group to color or paint.

2. Have the children fill in the arches with different colors.

I use green pistachio instant pudding to fingerpaint on a large piece of paper. When it is dry, you can cut it out in the shape of a large shamrock and glue a colored picture of a leprechaun in the middle. The kids really love this and clean up is a breeze – just lick!!