St. Patrick’s Day Craft Ideas

Cut out large shamrock shapes from green paper. Have the children glue this shape to another piece of paper and then have them collage onto the shamrock shape.

Pepper Shamrocks You will need two or three green peppers, select the largest ones you can find. Cut the peppers in half and clean out the insides. Use white construction paper and let the children dip the pepper halves into tempra paint and stamp three connecting pepper shapes to form a shamrock. Have children paint a stem with a small (or large) brush. You have a shamrock! You could spread glue inside each opening, after the paint is dry, and sprinkle with green glitter to make the shamrock more outstanding!

March Windsock: Using a large piece of white construction paper, have the child add cookie cutter prints of shamrocks. (Mix the greens for color variation.) Print one side of the paper, let dry. Fold the paper into “tube” shape, with the prints on the outside. Let the child staple ends, tape middle. Staple three strands of green crepe paper at the bottom Put two hole punches at the top and have the child string through. Beautiful March Windsocks!!!

Can stamping

Take three soup cans and duct tape them together in a cluster. Then you use it as a stamp in green paint and it will come out as a shamrock. Note: if you put damp paper towel down on the paint tray first it helps absorb some of the paint and it works like a stamp pad then.

St. Patrick’s Day Hat

Purchase on Chinet paper bowl for each child. Let children paint bowls green. Let dry and then hole-punch two holes and loop with sewing elastic to keep on their heads. Let children glue on green items, such as: feathers, buttons, ribbon, beads, etc. (a piece of orange felt or ribbon can be added for the buckle). Now the children have a leprechaun hat for St. Paddy’s Day party or just to wear for the day!

Paint at the easel using various shades of green paint! Also, add green food coloring to shaving cream and have fun!

“Shamrock Caterpillar” Cut out 5 4inch shamrocks draw a face on one then glue them together add antennas the steam of the shamrocks will be the caterpillars legs.

Shimmering Shamrock. Cut a shamrock shape out of white finger-paint paper. put a dab of yellow and blue paint on the paper let children finger-paint when done sprinkle on some green glitter they turn out very pretty.

Just take a green pepper and cut in half crosswise. Dip the cut side into paint and use it as a stamp on paper. There is your shamrock!

On tag board draw the shape of a shamrock. Next take light Karo syrup and pour a small amount in the center of the shamrock, next add a few drops of green food coloring. Let the children smear the syrup around until the two have blended. let dry. When it is dry it’s smooth as glass- green glass. This is a good sensory lesson as well.