St. Patrick’s Day Craft Ideas

Candy Box Shamrocks:

Save a heart-shaped Valentines candy box from Valentines. Pour green paint into a tray. Dip inside part of candy box into paint and stamp in the shape of a shamrock on large paper. Add a stem and sprinkle with glitter or salt.

Let the children make their own miniature pots of gold. Spread petroleum jelly on the outside of a small bowl. Mix up some plaster of Paris and cut newspaper into strips. Have children apply this to the outside of the bowl. Let this dry for 3 Days. The children can paint and add gold foil covered candy.

Marble painting clover

Cut out a clover shape on white construction paper. Place it in an aluminum pan or copy paper box lid. Put several small spots of paint in each corner about the size of a half dollar. You can use light green, dark green, gold and yellow individually or combined. Place the marble in the center of the clover and allow the child to tilt the pan so the marble goes through the paint spots across the paper. If the children are under 4 you may need to hold one side of the pan while the child holds the other or the marble may end up against the wall. You can also sprinkle with gold powder when done. A golf ball instead of a marble works well too.

Cut strips of construction paper to make a band to fit around child’s head. Lay flat on a table. Dip cookie cutter shapes of shamrocks, leprechauns, gold pot, and rainbows in paint and stamp onto a band of the hat. When dry, tape ends to form hat band. These “stamps” can also be used on paper folded to make greeting cards.

Take shamrock patterns (Xeroxed on green construction paper) and have children spread a thin layer of glue on one side. Next, have them sprinkle green glitter over the glue. Let dry. Glue shamrocks to Popsicle/craft sticks. Let dry. Take small amounts of play dough (green) and place in the bottom of a child’s size drinking cups. Have children place the Popsicle sticks firmly in the play dough so that the shamrock is “planted” in the cup. Voila!! Your class has “Glittering, Growing Shamrocks!” You may also have them color smaller shamrock patterns to glue on to their cups.

Cut a green pepper in half (through the middle w/the stem on top). Make shamrocks. Use the two halves to dip in green paint to create four clovers and add a stem! I did it last year for St. Patrick’s Day and they turned out so-o-o-o cute!

Let children use various colors of green crayons with the paper taken off to color a shamrock shape on a hot plate. the crayon melts as they draw. when the entire shamrock is covered I let them sprinkle gold dust on it. (gold glitter) I display these in the window.

Mix green food coloring with a tub of whipped cream. When you open it, asked surprised that it is green. Tell the class that the leprechaun must have made it green. Give each child a spoonful and let him/her finger-paint with it. Clean up is easy, just lick!

Cut a shamrock out of green construction paper. Have the children glue different things that are green on the shamrock (pasta, tissue paper, confetti etc..). When the children are finished sprinkle green glitter on the extra glue.

For St Patrick’s Day: have about 4 shamrocks shapes cut out of different types of fabric..bummpy, smooth. Put puffy paint on one..etc.. Then have the children put a piece of paper over the shapes and using a crayon have them rub until the shamrock shapes show through..