St. Patrick’s Day Craft Ideas

Shamrock wands:

I gave the kids a cutout of a shamrock and they put glitter on it, added green streamers to the end. Once it was dry I stamped to a straw or you could staple it to a paper towel roll they have painted green or decorated or St. Patty’s day. The kids loved it.

Shamrock glasses:

I made the kids glasses by using a pair of 3-d glasses for a pattern. I traced onto green poster board and then in the holes where you look out, I put green saran wrap. The kids loved them! They wore these along with the hat idea below and used their wands for a St. Patrick’s Day “parade” on the playground.

Leprechaun hat:

I cut the center out of a paper plate and hot glued a paper bowl around center edge. The kids painted them green and then added a black strip of construction paper and a yellow construction paper buckle, soooooo cute! I used yarn to secure around the neck like a b-day hat is done.

I used toilet paper rolls and filled them with candy and party favors. used green tissue paper and wrapped around, twisted the ends and tied with green ribbon. Added St. Patrick’s day stickers for decoration and that was a cute party surprise for the kids.

Gold Coin Necklace:

Materials needed: gold/green ribbon, white construction paper, gold/yellow paint, gold glitter, paintbrushes, individual pictures of children

Procedure: The teacher cuts the construction paper into large circles. The children paint the circles with the paint and sprinkle with glitter. After they dry, the teacher punches a hole at the top for the ribbon to go through. Then, the teacher cuts the picture of the child to fit the gold circle and glues it on. The teacher can write on the back: “I’m more precious than gold!” and the child’s name and date. Another option is to turn this necklace into a magnetic by just purchasing the magnetic strips and gluing them on the back of the gold coins.

Glittering Gold:

Materials needed: rocks, gold paint, gold glitter, paintbrushes, trays

Procedure: Each child will be given two or three rocks to paint gold. While still wet, the child sprinkles the gold glitter on the rocks. When they dry, the children have their very own gold!

Using old magazines, calendars’, etc., have the children find pictures of GREEN things and cut them out. Have them glue their green items onto a large shamrock shape.

St. Patrick’s Day mobile–

have your kids cut out and color a large rainbow- then have them cut out some clovers and pots of gold let them sprinkle glitter on them (if they want) then have them tie their pots of gold and clovers to their rainbow.

You will need a large (industrial) size coffee filter, food coloring, and shamrock pattern. You will either put the filter in green water of several shades or use a dropper for a tie-died effect. You will then let the filter dry and cut out the pattern. You can either leave plan or protect it. After you have done all of this, write the child’s name and use a placemat for a party or any occasion.

Green Spray Bottle Art

Take a clean spray bottle. Mix water with green tempera paint. Cut out large shamrock shape. Attach shamrock shape to the easel. Have children spray paint shamrock. Once dry, the child can glue on leprechaun cutout if he/she wants. My four-year-olds love this project!!!

BEARDED LEPRECHAUN: I got this idea from a Kindergarten teacher at my school. I did it with my kids in Speech Therapy and they LOVED it.

Cut a face out of a manila folder (curved on the bottom, flat on top is okay because we will be adding a hat). Cut green leprechaun hats out of green construction paper. add hat to face. Have the children draw a face for the leprechaun. Cut 5 or 6 long strips of orange construction paper. Have the children roll each strip around the pencil to curl it (This is excellent fine motor!). Then glue the end of the curly beard strips to the chin of the leprechaun (curls rolling up toward the face). They are VERY cute!!