St. Patrick’s Day Craft Ideas

Give children blue and yellow paint. Have them mix the colors together and paint a pretty picture with different shades of green. Add more yellow or more blue to have a different variation.

A rainbow of hands.

Put paint on the palms of the children. Have a red group, orange group, yellow group, etc. have the red children do the red row of the rainbow, the orange next and so on. In the end, you will have a big rainbow made out of colorful handprints.

Pots of gold for children

Buy disposable bowls (paper or Styrofoam) have the children paint them and decorate them with glitter.

Make gold pieces out of paper, gold spray-painted rocks, cardboard, chocolate coins.

Paint a small terra cotta pot green or gold. Glue on a pipe cleaner handle. Decorate the pot with shamrock stickers. Put some green paper grass in the pot and add a couple of gold coins.

If you purchase a green pepper and cut it in half right down the middle it makes a shamrock shape. Let the children have only one half of the green pepper and dip it in green paint and make their very own shamrock

Before class cut a medium sized potato in half and carve out a simple shamrock shape with a paring knife on each half. The children will use this to stamp out potato prints with green paint. To make a handle for the children to hold on to, take a chunk of potato from the top on the right and left the side. What is left in the center serves as a handle and works quite well.

I briefly tell them that Ireland is known for growing potatoes and we are using them to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Green Haired Leprechauns

Materials Needed:

Cups (plastic or styrofoam)

Grass Seed


Leprechaun clip art


Give each child a cup and involve them in filling the cup half way with soil. Give each child some grass seed to sprinkle into the cup. Instruct each child to cover the seed with additional soil and water. Give each child a leprechaun face to color. Instruct each child to cut out the leprechaun face and glue it to the front of their cup. Watch the leprechauns hair grow!! This is sort of like a chia pet.

Paper Party Hat:

Take a White piece of paper fold it into a cone shape and either tape, staple or glue it. then using a hole puncher make 2 holes at the bottom of the hat (one on the left side, and one on the right side) stick reinforcements over the holes on the inside then tie a piece of yarn to each hole (this will be used to tie the hat onto the child’s head). then write HAPPY BIRTHDAY and child’s name on the hat then let the child decorate the hat with Birthday stickers, confetti, glitter, stampers etc… let dry and they can wear the hat for a special Birthday Party at the end of Birthday Theme week. you may also use this idea for New Years, St. Patrick’s Day etc…

Actually, I didn’t think this up myself–I saw it done at my child’s Pre-K. You take green formed plant paper (the kind of thick shiny paper that is usually used to decorate the outside of a flower pot–it’s pressed or shaped in a flower pot shape–hard to describe–I got some at Michael’s for .99 cents each) and you turn it upside down. You can then use ribbon or construction paper to put a hat band around the hat. You can cut a square out of construction paper or any kind of paper or craft foam sheets to make a buckle–you could even glue glitter on the buckle. For a cute touch, you can even take a pipe cleaner and glue it in the hat band and then glue a shamrock to the top of the pipe cleaner so that it moves and sways when the person wears the hat. You would have to trim the “brim” to make it round/circular instead of pointed. They make really cute St. Patrick Day Hats. If you use black flower pot paper, you can make pilgrim’s hats.