St. Patrick’s Day Art

Emerald isle art

After discussing the lavish greens of Ireland and it’s rainy weather, use markers on paper or coffee filters to create rainbows, plants etc. then use a water mister as “rain” and watch the colors spread, overlap, and mix!! A great chance for scientific observations.

Draw a shamrock shape on a piece of construction paper (preferably white). Next, or while your drawing the shamrocks, have the children tear pieces of green construction paper (great for fine motor skills). Put glue all over the shamrock, then have the kids put their pieces of torn appear all over!

I draw or photocopy many shamrocks on a piece of white paper and let the children finger-paint on it with the new green ketchup.

Dye rice green and let the children glue the green rice onto a pre-cut shamrock.

Cut a paper plate in half. have the children glue cotton balls all over it for the cloud. Attach strips or crepe paper streamers in any length you wish in the rainbow colors…red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. I hang them from the ceiling in the classroom for decoration for our party.

Contact paper collage shamrocks.

Cut 2 shamrock shapes out of clear contact paper for each child. Provide an assortment of green collage items: feathers, paper and fabric scraps, Easter grass, etc. The children stick items onto the contact paper and teacher puts 2nd shamrock on top of finished collage.

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.