St. Patrick’s Day Activities For School

fill your sensory table with bubbles and green food coloring, have the children mix it with their bubble wands…..then blow green bubbles.

Find a leprechaun picture from a color book. Make enough copies so each of your students may have one. Have students color them. Take individual snapshots of each student. Cut student’s faces out and tape them in place of the leprechaun’s face. Display them outside your classroom so everyone can enjoy them!

Those naughty leprechauns!! Make the water in your toilet green using green food coloring: Green Tinkle is always a hit!!

Make name tags for the children that say O’Ginny or O’Willy, etc…

For St.Patricks Day, I had the children paint a great big black pot. Then I cut out large circles and the children painted them yellow. One each one of them I asked the children what their golden thoughts were and I wrote it on their golden coins. I then stapled them on the black pot. It seemed like my pot was bigger than it could of been, so I had the children paint some shamrocks and I added them and it turned out really cute. Parents just love to read these things I do things like this quite often and they enjoy it.

For St. Patrick’s Day I dye rice green with food coloring and alcohol. Then I spray paint lima beans gold and hide ten in the table and the children hunt for the gold. They really enjoy this and they have to search for the correct number of gold pieces.

For St. Patrick’s Day:

Read “Leprechaun’s Never Lie” (can’t recall the author’s name). Talk about all the places the leprechaun hid his gold. Then have students draw a picture of where their leprechaun hid his gold. Have students tell about their pictures. Write the following phrase on the picture:

Jessica’s leprechaun hid his gold under the rainbow.

Make a cover titled, “Leprechaun, Leprechaun, Where is Your Gold? Bind and add the book to the class library.

My idea is that during rest time on St. Patricks day that silly ol’ leprechaun makes a surprise visit. He usually leaves a small mess because he was looking for his pot of gold. He leaves shamrock cookies and footprints. This year I purchased a small green hat and he will leave it behind! I have fun with it, oh and the children wear green of course.

We made leprechauns using:

1 glass baby food jar

1 green pom pom

green construction paper-

formed in a cone shape for the hat

cut into pointy ears

2 googly eyes

green, white, orange and yellow (St. Patricks Day colors) sand


-curling ribbon ( green and white) or a feather to decorate the top of the hat

-orange yarn for hair

Fill a baby jar with colored sand. Glue on eyes, pom pom for nose, ears, and hair.

Put a cone-shaped hat on with streamers coming out of the top.

Leprechaun Hat

Paint a paper bowl green, add green glitter or shamrock confetti, attach a little buckle made of construction paper, then attach elastic.