St. Patrick’s Day Activities For School

St. Patrick’s Day Activities For School

My idea is for the month of March. I use the following saying: “March” into a good book. I then have the students color shamrocks and write (in black marker) the title of their favorite book. I also have a large shamrock in the middle of the bulletin board with my favorite book and my name. This allows other students in the school to find the title of a good book. Most of the books that my students choose are AR books.

St. Patrick’s Day Windsocks – Use Edy’s Ice-Cream container (minus the lid). Cut out the bottom. Cover the container with light green paper. Cut out a dark green shamrock and glue it on the light green paper. Using a couple of different shades of green crepe paper, cut six of these to about 20 inches long. Glue these to the bottom of the container. Then evenly around the top part of the container put 4 hole punches. Cut 4 pieces of green yarn about 14 inches long and tie to each hole. Then tie the other ends together. This project was fun to do.

Several weeks before St. Patrick’s day, I begin telling the children that the leprechaun is watching their behavior. One day during nap time, I sprinkle gold or green glitter all over the room and next to their mats to show that the leprechaun visited. I also put gold items outside for the kids to find. I have also written a note from the leprechaun stating that he has lost his shoe and his bag of gold. For the shoe, I spray paint it green with glitter. One year I hid the shoe up very high in a tree.

Highlight your precious little ones in a sparkling display titled “We’re More Precious Than Gold”. Enlarge a leprechaun and mount near a large pot. Attach shamrocks to the pot. Have each child cut out a large gold construction paper coin and glue a photograph of himself on his coin. Next, have each child decorate his coin with glitter. Then mount each coin above the pot, along with the title.

Give each child a shamrock with a note from a Leprechaun on it and a map. The note would tell them to use the map to find a gold piece in the room. They follow the map and find the gold piece. Have goodies in the pot. They can have a goodie when they put their gold piece in there. skill: visual discrimination

Have leprechauns holding a sign with a certain number of shamrocks on it. Then have shamrocks with numbers written on them. Have the children match the shamrock to the leprechaun. For check: Have the number written on the back of the sign.

Pots of Gold

Paint miniature clay pots green. Fill the pots with gold wrapped chocolate coins and you have a pot of gold. Add a pretty gold bow if you like!

Pot of “Corn Pops” gold

Cut out a small black pot from construction paper. Glue Corn Pops cereal pieces at the top of the pot for the gold. You can also attach a white piece of paper on the base of the pot on which you can write. I like to ask the kids what they would like to find at the end of the rainbow. It makes a very cute bulletin board or door decoration.

Two days before St. Pat’s Day, I totally mess-up the classroom before the children arrive in the morning. I also stick shamrock stickers on the floor and walls. On St. Pat’s Day, I hide gold spray-painted rocks and gold foil-wrapped coins on the play yard.

When my son was in k-garten, on St. Pats Day while his class had their library time, several parents came into the classroom, overturned a few chairs, and generally made it look like a mischievous leprechauns had been in their room (without making too big of a mess) scattered magic dust (glitter) around the room and we hid gold chocolate coins all over, so when the kids came back they thought the leprechauns had paid them a visit, everyone got a treat bag and went on a treasure hunt for the coins. When all the coins had been found the children gathered in a circle and divided the coins up evenly. The teacher also had a poem about that the leprechauns left for the children but I don’t remember it. The kids had a blast and learned a lesson about sharing.

For St. Patrick’s day, spray paint pinto beans gold. Before your children go out to the playground sprinkle the “gold” all around. The children have a great time hunting for the leprechaun’s gold.