St. Patrick’s Day Activities For School

St. Patrick's Day Activities For School

St. Patrick’s Day Activities For School

Preschool St. Patrick’s Day activities for school and home.

This year I cut out tons of construction paper shamrocks in rainbow colors.The kids helped me glue them all together to make a rainbow to go over the front doorway. I had pre-made a pot that said ” we’re more precious than gold” the kids wrote their names on yellow pieces of paper and glued them coming out of the pot at the end of the rainbow. It was adorable, parents loved it. It’s April now and the rainbow is still up over the door because the parents love it so much. They’re still commenting on it!

Using a rainbow picture as an example, have the students follow the pattern using fruit loops and string to make necklaces. The students are identifying each color as he/she strings it and it is an excellent fine motor activity as well. Throw a shamrock made from foam felt in the center and it makes a great St. Patrick’s Day activity.

To promote good behaviors, I cut out of tag board a big black pot, decorate it and write on it I was caught doing… in gold glitter. Then anytime a child is seen cleaning up after themselves, being nice to a friend, helping them, listening, following directions, etc. I cut a circle out of yellow construction paper and write on it what the child did, then I put gold glitter around the edge of it and staple it to the pot.

Every year we go to Leprechaun land! Everything is green and beautiful. We all dress in our green clothes. One child is our King Leprechaun and we have a queen Leprechaun. We learn about each color of the rainbow before we can get to this exciting place. Once we are there and discover the pot of gold we dance and sing. I have each child bring a food that is green (grapes, green beans, broccoli, Jell-O) We even have green milk. The kids have their Shamrock feast. We have so much fun! St. Patrick’s day can be exciting.

I have all of the children bring in a rock before St. Patrick’s Day. ( I get a few extras and bring them myself for the forgetful ones.) I tell them to bring one that is about the size of a slice of a bread. I tell them to bring it to school in a ziplock bag with their name on it. On St. Patrick’s Day each child paint’s their rock green and adds glitter. Lot’s of glitter on the top! (You know they love glitter!). This is our Blarney Stone. Children have told me they have kept their stones for many years and used them as paperweights, door stops etc. I use the baggie to send the rock back home in so the glitter doesn’t get in their book bag.

I run a small family daycare every year my kids set a leprechaun trap a small shoe box that they decorate with shamrocks and rainbows then tip the box up with a stick so far we have caught the leprechauns coat and hat but no leprechaun on St Patrick’s day I put a pot of gold in the trap [gold foil-wrapped chocolate coins in a pot] We never catch the leprechaun but he always drops his pot of gold coins trying to get away.

We have a St. Patrick’s Day Party. The children help make up invitations for their parents to join us for morning snack and some entertainment. The children all wear green and perform some songs that they have sung in circle times for ST. Patrick’s Day. We are then joined by some musician friends of mine who perform some traditional Irish Music With fiddle and accordion music. The children and parents love it and usually, everyone is up dancing before the session is over. We then share our snack of green cupcakes and juice (tea or coffee for the adults). The musicians also join us for snack.

leave bread out for about two nights until it is hard. bring it into class and use cookie cutters to make them into shamrock shapes make sure to put a hole in the middle of them. get the children to paint them whatever way they want. when they are dry hang them off some string and you have a St Patrick’s day mobile.

We read a story about how leprechaun’s make shoes. If your really quiet you might hear the tapping sound that leprechaun’s make while working on shoes. After a helper makes the tapping sound for you, you lead the children on a hunt for the leprechaun. A few coins to show a path and a door or window left open to add to the effect. Lead the children back into an area that has little pots filled with gold coins hidden around the room. (little black pots can be purchased from Oriental Trading or use little Dixie cups!.

using soufflé’ cups or Styrofoam cups we gave each child a ball of model magic to press into the bottom. decorate a paper shamrock with glitter, etc then tape a pipe cleaner to the back. stick the pipe cleaner into to little “pot.” the model magic dries fast around the pipe cleaner and holds up your own planted shamrock!

Pot of Gold – I spray paint gravel rocks and hide them in the class. We then find the gold and glue it on a construction paper black pot with a rainbow. Enjoy!