Squirrel Games

Squirrels collect nuts and save them to help get through the winter. To give the students an idea of how difficult it can be to find the nuts here is a game.

Use Acorns or other nuts. Have the class close their eyes while you hide a nut in the classroom. When hidden the teacher says ” Nut ,Nut who can find the nut?” The student who finds the nut can take it back to the tree when everyone has located it. ( Circle Area) The first student to find the nut is the next to hide the nut.

“Squirrels In The Trees”

Two children face each other and hold each other’s hands (like for “London Bridge”), making a “tree”. A third child (a squirrel) goes into the “tree”. The teacher (or another designated person) can start music, clapping, etc. When the music stops, the “squirrels” change “trees”. You can adapt the game to different levels by using letter sounds or visuals like shapes or colors) instead of music. It can also be used as a cooperative game or a competitive one like musical chairs.