Spring Snacks

Spring Snacks For Preschool

Spring Snacks

Spring Snacks for preschool through second grade.

Sunshine Biscuits

**1 or 2 packages of refrigerator biscuits( the kind you place/bake) **apple jelly

**scissors/or plastic knife

Separate the biscuits onto a cookie sheet. Snip the edges 1/2 way to the center to form the “rays” of the sun. Push down the center w/ your thumb to create an indent. Fill the indent w/ a small spoonful of the apple jelly. Bake as directed on biscuit container. Serve warm and enjoy the sweet sunshine!

Celery and Pretzel Butterflies

Cut a small piece of celery for the body of the butterfly. Spread some cream cheese or peanut butter inside of the stalk of celery. Add 4 small folded pretzels for the butterfly wings. Add 2 strings of black licorice for the antennas.

To make “Frog Floats,” I give each child a clear cup filled with lime sherbet, 7-up or sprite, a straw, and m&m’s or marshmallows to represent the frog’s two eyes. This treat is a supplement to stories, songs, and fingerplays about frogs in the springtime.

Spring Mud (snack)

Instant chocolate pudding with a gummy worm…Kids love it!