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Spring Preschool Activities

Spring Preschool Activities

Spring Preschool Activities and lesson plans for school and home.

Have each child make a flower.  On the stem write the child’s name. Then, in the middle of the flower, put the child’s picture. Put the blue paper on the bulletin board, then put green on the bottom. At the top of the green, cut it so it looks like grass. Then walla!! A perfect spring bb.

I used this idea from one of the postings and added to it…

The box can be any size… to fit the objects you will use for… animals that come from eggs… duck frogs snakes etc.

or springtime things…

flowers grass eggs etc.

Make a spring sensory (feel box) box cover with blue or silver paper (silver is more appealing) and put a white picket fence around or anything that fits the theme to your feel box.

A hole on both sides big enough for kids to move hands around.

Let them guess what is inside by touch.

Read a book or talk about the things that might be in the box before presenting the box so they have an idea of what might be inside, this will make it easier to guess with their hands, not their eyes.

My children in my class are 2’s & 3’s . I had them decorate large different color egg shapes with different color paper and for the title, I put WAITING FOR SPRING TO HATCH.

For creating a fun child-focused bulletin board for 2-4-year-olds, create a board with a spring theme. Have different types of flowers and bugs on the boards and then put the children’s pictures on each bug and flower! The children will have fun pointing out their own picture, as well as their friends, and naming the object that their picture is on (ie. daffodil, tulip, rose, ladybug, sun, etc.)!!! Good to keep around all summer and spring!

In March, as we begin to discuss spring and how things grow, we planted grass seed in our sensory table. We first put potting soil in the bottom then had the children sprinkle the seeds on top. Each day the children observed and watered our mini lawn and compared it’s growth to the grass outside. Once the grass grew tall enough, we put scissors on the table and let the children “mow the sensory lawn.” As the Easter season approached, we also added plastic eggs to hide and hunt for. The children loved this because it was an ever-changing activity and nice and easy for us teachers to change.

This is a great April bulletin board! The caption is “April showers bring…Mud Puddles!” Have the children make brown footprints on the paper. This turns out really cute.

Hi, this is an idea that a friend gave me. Craft for Spring Flowers

Materials: Laundry Detergent Scooper (from powder detergent) cleaned well
Two tops off of milk jugs of same color and size,
Some small already grown flowers,
Some type of ribbon to make a bow with
And anything else you want to add.

It will look like a tiny wheelbarrow with flowers in it when completed. first, glue the ‘wheels’ or jug lids on the sides and draw little wheel lines on them, then plant your flowers with a little potting soil, then add a bow to the front or side and any other decorations how you want it to look. It is pretty cute for a spring or summer craft!!

Spring is a time when many schools talk about bugs and flowers…I helped the Pre-K teacher at our school come up with a great Bumble Bee Bulletin Board…Green background…Paper plate sunflowers. Bumblebees from construction paper. The title “what’s the buzz?” where I would fly if I was a bee…with little speech bubbles next to each bee in the children’s own words. It turned out adorable.

Rain Cloud. I made a cute bulletin board with my class. The first part of the project I had them cut out a raindrop shape from thick white construction paper. Then they each sponge painted them with light blue paint. Next, I cut out a large cloud shape out of white butcher paper and had each of them decorate it with their handprints in black paint. When all materials were dry, I hung the cloud up against a navy blue background with the raindrops scattered beneath for a rainy spring day.

Playdough Recipe 3 cups water 3 tablespoons vegetable oil brown tempera paint (dry or liquid) Heat this mixture to boiling While the above mixture is heating, Pour into large bowl 3 cups all-purpose flour 2 tablespoons cream of tartar 1 1/2 cups salt Carefully mix the wet and dry together and knead till smooth. The SPRING time additions, especially, during mud season… use brown tempra and add coffee grounds to the completed dough, approximately 2-3 tablespoons, it really looks like dirt.

Cut out a bunch of flowers in shapes of daisy’s, tulips, etc. Do them in multiple colors that your children are learning or have learned (this is a great review your color activity) Use a hole punch and punch out one hole in each flower. Give each child a piece of string, yarn etc. It should be long enough for a long necklace (about 25-30 inches) Place the flowers on the ground. You can do this two ways, 1) Ask a child to go and get the color (red). If they go and get the right flower, they can string it on their necklace. or 2) Ask them to go and get a flower and tell you what the color is. The children I care for are all really quite fluent in their colors, so we have changed this a little by learning our colors in Spanish. We play the same game, and at the end, we all have a pretty spring necklace to take home.

During our spring week, we transformed part of our wall into our spring garden. We finger-painted banner paper for grass (I then frayed the top of it) , we also finger-painted a big, yellow sun. For flowers, we made daffodils (use 2 yellow cupcake holders, one flattened and the other glued on top, use a green pipe cleaner for the stem) our favorite flowers were the growing flowers (glue petals onto the circular center, place child’s picture in the middle, the stem is the height of the child). We made cherry blossom trees by painting the trunk brown and adding popcorn (dyed with red powder paint). Finally, we added bluebirds, caterpillars, and butterflies! They loved it and so did I!

Paper plate ladybug. Let each child paint a one plate black. Then trace the plate on the red construction paper and let children cut the red circle. Next cut the circle in a half and glue the halves on a plate so a piece of the black plate shows through. hole punch lots of black dots and glue on the red wings. Then cut a smaller circle for a head and glue behind the body. Make eyes and glue on a head . Very easy to make the project ! (you can put a different number of dots on the ladybugs and use them for math ideas!)

Make a Spring Bulletin Board by crinkling strips of brown bags. These will form your tree. Cut strips to resemble a trunk and branches. Have the children decorate branches with thumbprints to create flowering buds. Then give the children small rectangle pieces of paper. Let them fill the rectangles with pink, yellow and purple fingerprints; add a green Popsicle stick in the middle of the fingerprints and you have rows and rows of blooming hyacinths. Make tye-dye coffee filter daffodils for extra color. Now, your class has a colorful blooming board to celebrate Spring!

Easy Rainbows- This idea is a borrowed one! Cut, or have the children cut, a large red circle. Cut a smaller orange circle and so on through the colors of the rainbow. Glue the circles together in descending order on top of one another. When you are through, cut the final circle in half. This will create two rainbows- one for a school bulletin board and one to send home. The circles are easier to cut than each individual strip of the rainbow. These are colorful and brighten any room!

Springtime Sensory Table I have placed potting soil in my sensory table. Fake flowers, shovels, hand rakes, flower pots and a watering can add to the fun! Keep a towel nearby to wipe messy hands! The kids love it and when we are through, we will use the soil to plant.

For a season bulletin board, we cut out a large frog almost the size of the whole bulletin board and drew small lily pads and cut out. Then you put a dark blue paper on bottom of bulletin board and lighter blue on the top for the “sky”. Then you have pipe cleaners (about 12) and wind them so that they look like springs, you attach to back of large frog and put on the middle of the bulletin board…”Spring Into FUN!”

Spring Counting Book: Make the cover any color, and then make one page for each thing. 1 Ladybug, 2 butterflies, 3 spiders, 4 bees, 5 flowers. You can add more depending on the age of your children. We have 4’s and 5’s and they drew pictures in the books. You could also have cutouts for them to glue.

Name Caterpillars: Provide the children with a big sheet of construction paper. Next you will need construction paper squares that are 4″ and tag board circles for the children to trace. They will make a circle for each letter in their name and then write the letters in their name on each circle. Then glue in place and draw all the extra’s on the paper.

Trace butterflies on white construction paper. Provide lots of little tissue paper squares for the children to glue on. Looks really pretty when done!

Paper Plate Bee: Take a big white cheap paper plate and staple to it a little paper plate that is cut in 1/2 (bee’s head.) Then trace wings for the child to cut out and glue on, and have black antennas already cut. Then the child can color yellow and black.

spring art – daffodil. Supplies needed are paper cupcake liners, yellow and green construction paper (plus an individual sheet of colored construction paper for each child, if making individual flower), scissors, and glue. The teacher needs to make the middle of the daffodil by cutting small strips of one-inch yellow paper. Then cutting 1/8 inch tiny strips on one end. This is to fold over in order to glue to the paper cupcake liner. Teacher also needs to make daffodil leaves and stems on green paper for students to cut out. Teacher decides if flower is to go on class bulletin board, or made individually. If made individually, then let each child choose a color background sheet of construction paper. Give each child a paper cupcake liner, a yellow middle to glue inside the paper cupcake liner, and green leaves and stem to cut out. After the students cut out the leaves and stem, they glue their flower together. It makes a nice 3-D Daffodil.

Spring has sprung! Take strips of brown paper bags. Ask the children to arrange their thumbprints onto the strips to form “buds”. Assemble the tree by using more brown bags for the trunk and arranging the thumbprint strips as branches. At the base of the bulletin board, give the children rectangle pieces of paper. Have they make thumbprints of pink, yellow and purple. Place a green painted Popsicle stick in the middle of the thumbprints as a stem and voila, you have hyacinths! For tulips, have the child print their hand onto the paper and add a green colored stick underneath.

March Wind Project Need: empty paper towel roll for each child paint and paint brushes assorted colors of tissue paper stapler

students paint paper towel roll any way they desire – let it dry teacher cuts long strips of different colored tissue paper student choices color and/or colors of tissue paper teacher staples tissue paper strips together at one end of paper towel roll. teacher saves for a very windy March day and let kids take on the playground. My kids always love this project.

For a spring bulletin board, i used ” Give Spring a Hand” the children traced their closed hands onto pastel spring colors. A variation of this is to use white finger paint paper and have the children use water colors to paint their hands. The closed hands look like tulips. I put them on the board and use green stems to complete the flower. Also, i trace the children’s open hands and use them all together for the sun.

To add to your gardening theme. Put soil and seeds in the sensory table. At night cover the table and the seeds will begin to sprout roots.

In the spring we did a unit on seeds. In our water table we put flax seeds in. Some light brown some dark brown. In one side it was just seeds and on the other side we put the flax seed with water, it is a great texture and becomes very slimy overnight. The kids will love this! Also we added some funnels (will go through very easily )along with various different shovels and spoons. Great for kids who love to get their hands dirty!

Spring Preschool Activities

Spring Preschool Activities and lesson plans for school and home.

Spring Preschool Activities