Spring Preschool Activities

Cut out a bunch of flowers in shapes of daisy’s, tulips, etc. Do them in multiple colors that your children are learning or have learned (this is a great review your color activity) Use a hole punch and punch out one hole in each flower. Give each child a piece of string, yarn etc. It should be long enough for a long necklace (about 25-30 inches) Place the flowers on the ground. You can do this two ways, 1) Ask a child to go and get the color (red). If they go and get the right flower, they can string it on their necklace. or 2) Ask them to go and get a flower and tell you what the color is. The children I care for are all really quite fluent in their colors, so we have changed this a little by learning our colors in Spanish. We play the same game, and at the end, we all have a pretty spring necklace to take home.

During our spring week, we transformed part of our wall into our spring garden. We finger-painted banner paper for grass (I then frayed the top of it) , we also finger-painted a big, yellow sun. For flowers, we made daffodils (use 2 yellow cupcake holders, one flattened and the other glued on top, use a green pipe cleaner for the stem) our favorite flowers were the growing flowers (glue petals onto the circular center, place child’s picture in the middle, the stem is the height of the child). We made cherry blossom trees by painting the trunk brown and adding popcorn (dyed with red powder paint). Finally, we added bluebirds, caterpillars, and butterflies! They loved it and so did I!

Paper plate ladybug. Let each child paint a one plate black. Then trace the plate on the red construction paper and let children cut the red circle. Next cut the circle in a half and glue the halves on a plate so a piece of the black plate shows through. hole punch lots of black dots and glue on the red wings. Then cut a smaller circle for a head and glue behind the body. Make eyes and glue on a head . Very easy to make the project ! (you can put a different number of dots on the ladybugs and use them for math ideas!)

Make a Spring Bulletin Board by crinkling strips of brown bags. These will form your tree. Cut strips to resemble a trunk and branches. Have the children decorate branches with thumbprints to create flowering buds. Then give the children small rectangle pieces of paper. Let them fill the rectangles with pink, yellow and purple fingerprints; add a green Popsicle stick in the middle of the fingerprints and you have rows and rows of blooming hyacinths. Make tye-dye coffee filter daffodils for extra color. Now, your class has a colorful blooming board to celebrate Spring!

Easy Rainbows- This idea is a borrowed one! Cut, or have the children cut, a large red circle. Cut a smaller orange circle and so on through the colors of the rainbow. Glue the circles together in descending order on top of one another. When you are through, cut the final circle in half. This will create two rainbows- one for a school bulletin board and one to send home. The circles are easier to cut than each individual strip of the rainbow. These are colorful and brighten any room!