Spring Games

Take a regular milk jug and cut off the top, leaving the handle and the rest intact. Have the children fill the jug with soil, and plant a rose seed, or another quick-growing flower seed in the soil. Place a small ruler in the soil, next to where the child planted the seed. Water the pot plant daily, and make sure it gets enough sun. Have the children record how much the plant grows in a week, two weeks, etc. This is a great hands-on activity and can be adjusted for any age level.

I use a small basket and put small items like a chick, egg, bunny, butterfly, basket all signs of spring. I introduce the items to the children by laying them out, then we play What’s Missing? I make them hide their eyes and I take one item away then they have to guess which item is missing. They love this! I create one for each season.

Watch out for the puddles ! Take individual rugs( children use for story telling to define their own space). Place them about 2ft. apart in a large area. Have children jump over the puddles and/or jump into the puddles. This is great with any age. Good exercise !!

At a circle time place several spring items on a tray and let the children look at the spring items then place a cloth over the items and take one or more items away and let the children guess which one(s) are missing. You can adjust this idea for other themes also.


Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.