Spring Curriculum

Have each child make flower. On the stem write the child’s name. Then, in the middle of the flower, put the child’s picture. Put blue paper on the bulletin board, then put green on the bottom. At the top of the green, cut it so it looks like grass. Then walla!! A perfect spring bb.

I used this idea from one of the postings and add to it….

The box can be any size… to fit the objects you will use for… animals that come from eggs… duck frogs snakes etc.

or spring time things…

flowers grass eggs etc.

Make a spring sensory (feel box) box cover with blue or silver paper (silver is more appealing) and put a white picket fence around or anything that fits the theme to your feel box.

A hole on both sides big enough for kids to move hands around.

Let them guess what is inside by touch.

Read a book or talk about the things that might be in the box before presenting the box so they have an idea of what might be inside, this will make it easier to guess with their hands not their eyes.

My children in my class are 2’s & 3’s . I had them decorate large different color egg shapes with different color paper and for the title I put WAITING FOR SPRING TO HATCH.

For creating a fun child focused bulletin board for 2-4 year olds, create a board with a spring theme. Have different types of flowers and bugs on the boards and then put the children’s pictures on each bug and flower! The children will have fun pointing out their own picture, as well as their friends, and naming the object that their picture is on (ie. daffodil, tulip, rose, ladybug, sun, etc.)!!! Good to keep around all summer and spring!

In March, as we begin to discuss spring and how things grow, we planted grass seed in our sensory table. We first put potting soil in the bottom then had the children sprinkle the seeds on top. Each day the children observed and watered our mini lawn and compared it’s growth to the grass outside. Once the grass grew tall enough, we put scissors by the table and let the children “mow the sensory lawn.” As the Easter season approached, we also added plastic eggs to hide and hunt for. The children loved this because it was an ever changing activity and nice and easy for us teachers to change.

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.