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Spring Art

Spring Art Activities

Spring Art Activities for preschoolers through second grade.

This is a fun art project on a rainy day.  Your students will be able to draw on the “sidewalk” even in inclement weather! Take gray full sheets of construction paper and lay or tape them in a path from down the hallway or around the room. Make sure to leave a little space between them to represent the “cracks” in the sidewalk. Let students make their art creations with chalk on the paper. When we do this at my preschool, several students make more than one, so be ready to extend your “sidewalk”! After they have completed their chalk art, we remove the art from the area. We then take it outside, away from the children and spray them lightly with hairspray to “set” the chalk. We have 24 children in each class and it’s easily managed.

buds to blossoms-cut out two identical tree shapes from brown construction paper and glue onto a larger sheet. Glue on puffed rice for buds on one tree and popped popcorn on the other for blossoms.

Pussywillows, Draw brown branches with a marker on construction paper. Snip off the ends of Q-tips and glue onto branches. Looks just like the real thing.

Hand Print Flowers

Trace each child’s hand. Have them color both sides and cutout. Use a pencil to curl the fingers and hand. Attach hand to a bendable straw with fingers curled outward. These can also be planted.

I work in a preschool and for spring I did a bulletin board entitled “April Flowers Bring May Showers”. Each age group had a special part in the bb. The one-year-olds made a sun out of their handprints, the two-year-olds made raindrops with their fingerprints and blue finger paints, the three-year-olds made flowers. Our young fours made caterpillars and our older fours made butterflies out of tissue paper and clothespins. The children loved it because they could show off their creations and we kept it up for 2 months.

Take a bunch of flower petals and place them in a large bowl. Cut out some contact paper into the shape of a flower. Let the children place the flower petals on the cutouts. Once finished, used another piece of contact paper to seal it off so no flowers come loose. Add a steam cut out from green paper if you want.

Cherry Blossoms:

I have used this idea with kids of all ages and it is a lot of fun. Supplies: bright pink const. paper, green food dye, straws, glue, different shades of pink and fuchsia tissue paper cut into small squares.

Put a few small drops of green food dye at bottom of the pink paper. Have children blow with a straw up and over a little left and right to create a pretty shaped branch with lots of twigs. Then take the tissue squares and pinch in the middle and glue on like a blossom along the green stems, remembering to get some on the ends of the twigs. Really beautiful on your wall and to send home. (you can also use white paper and then staple or glue to a larger pink construction paper)

Cut off the top part of a stalk of celery leaving about 3-4 inches of stalk. Use the cut side of the stalk to make a “stamp” for paint. It will make the most incredible “rose” you have ever seen. The children used the stalks of celery to make the stems and then added the “roses”. They are beautiful!!


We did this in my son’s classroom. Not sure I can describe how many items are used but until you balance it you would get the idea.


Colored paper clips

Colored straw

6 die cut shapes

Use your first straw and slip on 3 paper clips (center and one on each end). Face the one in the center up and the ends down.

On for the right side and another paper clip and hand the next straw. Same fashion you will need on the left side of it one clip going down with an image. Two from the center with an image, 3 down on the right-hand side with an image.

Now the left side – you will do 5 paper clips down – then a straw with one on each end and there will be a die cut on each end. The center will be two paper clips and a die cute.

We did them in all different colors – each child’s image was the same. So one child got a flower, one got a ladybug (but each of their images was a different colors).

They were so colorful hanging up in the room. The die cuts minus the ladybug were plants and animals and each child had a different one – no two the same.

For a lovely spring idea, fold a white piece of construction paper into thirds. Then, write the phrase “Thumbody Loves You!” on the top. Underneath that, draw a 5-petaled flower with stem and leaves. Paint the children’s thumb and place it in the center of the flower. Allow them to color and take home when dry! Works great as a bookmark! Or… if you want them to work on motor skills using glue, pre-cut the flower, stem and two leaves, allow them to glue to the construction paper. Use the thumb as the center of the flower and you’ll have a beautiful and motor-skilled oriented spring activity!

What a nice way to keep track of growing children and to help celebrate the arrival of Spring. In the center, I work in our staff like to do lots of hand and footprint art for our Moms and Dads. A special favorite is Flowers. We dip the child’s hand in paint and make that the bud or flower and then use their feet for the leaves at the base of the flower. Then just draw a green stem and it is a piece of art that parents or grandparents will cherish forever. Please try to remember to date the back or bottom corner so parents have a date to refer back to.

A fellow teacher shared this idea with me. She pulled off a 6-foot section of white paper from the large roll on our wall. She folded it in two lengthwise and put it on our table. Then she took out paper plate holders that look like flowers. The kids were given paint and used the holders like stencils. When they had all done at least one flower and they were dried, the teacher opened up the paper and added stems and leaves and put it up on our wall. Really cute!

I found this idea out of a Mailbox Magazine. On a long piece of butcher, paper dip had in brown paint and using handprints make a tree. Use green for the leaves. Have each child choose a color and paint their hands and make a print with their thumbs together to resemble a butterfly. Use some hands to make tulips by making a handprint with all the fingers together. Write each child’s name by their contribution and add additional details like antennas and leaves etc. The caption is “Hands Up For Spring” The kids had a great time doing this and everyone commented on how cute it was!

Use cut flowers as stampers. Dip flower into paint-just a little. Print onto paper. I found daisies work well, but try whatever happens to be growing. This makes great stationery.

To make really neat butterflies Take a sheet of white paper fold it down the center put a drop of paint in the center. then put a different color in next to it on one-half fold and smash make sure to really spread the paint all over the paper they make really neat butterflies!

Butterfly Art

Materials: Bucket of Water 1-2 Colors of Paint Black Marker Construction Paper

This is a very fun activity, the kids love to take pictures with their feet!! 🙂

Have each child take off their socks and shoes…paint the bottom of the child’s feet, have him/her stand up on the construction paper and make their footprints…after the paint dries, draw a small body between the feet prints and antennas…this is lots of fun, yes it can be messy…but the kids really enjoy it!

We add silk flowers, flowerpots and different containers to our play dough area when working on the themes spring and gardening. The kids get a kick out of planting their flowers again and again and the playdough holds the silk flowers nicely.

Make yellow daffodils out of cupcake holders. Cut out green stems and leaves. have the children cut out the yellow flower. Paste yellow cupcake holder in the middle. Cute and easy.

Our class loves to make windsocks. We take colored sandwich bags and let each child choose a color. Then they cut the bottoms off of the bag. Then the children decorate the bags with markers, sequins, buttons, etc. After their bag is decorated, two holes are punched in the tops and yarn or string is placed in the holes to make a hanger for the windsock. Then have the children glue, staple, or tape streamers to the opposite end of their windsock. When it is all dry, you can hang them in your room or outside your class window so the children can watch their windsocks blow in the breeze.

Make flowers out of tissue paper and pipe cleaners. layer tissue paper so you have at least three layers fold it like you would a fan. Place a pipe cleaner in the middle and twist. Now pull the paper apart and shape like a flower. Use strawberry baskets to make may baskets and fill with the tissue flowers. Or you can use a vase (empty soda bottle) Give as a May day gift to someone you love.

This is a great spring or Easter idea. Take a box that is about an inch or two high. Then take craft sticks and paint them white and glue them all around the outside of the box. Should look like a white picket fence. Then add Easter grass in the box which can be glued down if you so choose. Then add a scenery to your box trees, Winnie the Pooh or perhaps something else your into such as Chicka Chicka boom boom letters and the coconut tree. Then if you wish you can add wrapped candy to share with the children later and or if your doing it at home add colored hard-boiled eggs. Remember to allow your preschoolers to paint the fence and glue down the grass and color their scenery whatever that may be that they would like to glue in the box. I hope you all enjoy making this scenery with your preschoolers and or children. Have fun be creative.

Have the children either trace each others feet, or you trace them. Have them cut it out and make sure the feet are still together. Then have them glue craft sticks in the middle. They can color in their feet, and also glue on wiggly eyes. Presto! A butterfly.

Trace a stem and two leaves onto the green construction paper let children cut shapes out Fold the white paper in half and let children put blobs of tempra on one side. Refold the paper and let the children squish the paper together. You want to get the paint to cover most of the paper. After the paint dries ( the next day) trace 4 hearts onto the unpainted side of the white paper. the children will cut out the hearts and put the stem and leaves together to make a flower.

Spring Kites: Give each child two same-size pieces of square paper and allow them to fingerpaint. After the paint has dried, staple the papers together with painted sides to the outside. Punch a hole in one corner and attach thread for hanging. Punch a hole in the opposite corner to attach a “tail” made from either knotted fabric strips or crepe paper. We hung these from the ceiling and they were a beautiful, colorful way to bring Spring inside!

This is one of my all-time favorite spring art ideas. It is a spring butterfly. I start by mixing 3+ colors of paint with white to make pastels. I then “talk” my children into taking off their socks and shoes. I then paint their feet, using splotches of colors here and there to make all colors on their feet. Remembering to use this time to ask such questions as “How does the paintbrush feel on your feet?”, or “Does the paint feel hot or cold on your feet?”. We then place our feet about 1 inch apart onto a piece of white construction paper. When they are dry, we glue a “Y” shaped piece of black construction paper into the middle to create a butterfly!!! “Look at the wonderful things God made” (Job 37:14).

Caterpillar on a Leaf.

Cut leaf shapes out of different shades of green construction paper. Have different colored pom-poms (the ones about the size of a penny) Have the children glue on about eight pom-poms onto whatever color leaf they chose. They now have their caterpillar on a leaf.

Seed Collage:

Materials: Pieces of corrugated cardboard and several kinds of seeds and beans.

Present a divided container in the center with several varieties of seeds….Example: Pea seeds, Pinto beans…Black beans….Popcorn….Watermelon seeds. The children use their glue bottles and glue the seeds in the rows on the cardboard in any design they wish.

Paint child’s foot with yellow tempera paint. Stamp foot on construction paper. The heel will be turned to the top of the page and become a “head” of a duck. Paint blue under toes on paper with fingers making waves. Put a black dot for the eye. Draw or paint an orange beak. Nice Easter spring project and keepsake!

Like to take your kids on nature walks? This fun idea can be used in the fall or in the spring or whenever! Take some masking tape and make a bracelet for each child sticky side up. As you have your walk encourage children to gather leaves, flowers, acorns, twigs or whatever to stick on their wrists to create a wonderful bracelet! The children will love to compare their creations while enjoying the outdoors!

Teacher prep:
Dye Campanella pasta (a.k.a. bellflowers) pretty spring colors, let dry. Gather the following materials: the colored pasta, old play dough, pipe cleaners, plastic tops from liquid detergents and/or softener jugs. Have the kids thread the flower pasta onto the pipe cleaner “stems.” Make a bunch of these. Fill the plastic tops with old play dough. These will become the flower pots. Have the children arrange their flowers in the pot. It’s a lovely centerpiece!

I am adding a step to the wonderful coffee filter idea. Take a coffee filter, color with washable markers, spray lightly, all the colors will run together. Now pinch the filter in the middle until it resembles butterfly wings. Place this in a clothespin. Add pipe cleaner antennae and two marker eyes. You may add a magnet strip on the back, and voila! A clothespin butterfly to hang on the fridge.

To make replicas of Pussy Willow clippings, start by tracing a vase shape on wallpaper samples. Next, have the children draw 3 or 4 long brown stems. Last, have them glue on puffed rice cereal to represent the pussy willows. A fellow teacher, Joan, does this every year to accompany her science lesson and the kids love it! (And it is very inexpensive).

Spring Flower – Hyacinths Make After Easter – Save cracked, colored egg shells (I wash and drain dry). Teacher or students cut out long Spring colored oval shapes. Glue onto paper oval shapes pieces of colored egg shells. Add a green stem and leaves to oval to make a flower. This makes real nice Hyacinths and gives the students a different texture to work with. When saving the eggshells, the teacher can save each color separately and glue pink on a pink paper oval, and blue on a blue paper oval or the egg shells can be mixed and glued on to the different paper ovals. Either way, it really looks very nice.

Spring Art – Pussy Willow Tree. materials needed: Pussy Willow branches, brown construction paper, glue, a piece of blue construction paper to glue tree on. Teacher or students cut out a brown tree trunk and branches to put a tree together. Teacher brings in real ‘Pussy Willow’ branches to show children. Students pull off ‘Pussy Willows’ from branches and glue to their tree. This makes a fun class project with the teacher making a tree trunk for the bulletin board and the students each making a branch.

I love to watch a bulletin come to life when I give the children in our Pre-K classroom scraps of construction paper and glue and tell them to create flowers. They can tear the paper or cut the paper to make beautiful flowers. They glue the “petals” onto green construction paper stems they have torn or cut out. We have beautiful, tiny flowers and we have big, giant flowers. The flower garden is always beautiful. I cut green grass out of construction paper and staple it across the bottom of the bulletin and just watch the flowers bloom from it. We also add kites, birds and other “spring” items to have a great bulletin board! The children love to see their special flowers come to life.

This will cover two days of activity projects. Also can be for any age group. First get a big piece of paper, like a blank newspaper or big sheets of white construction paper. Have the children paint it all green this will be the grass for our spring garden. The next day after it has dried completely. Let the children glue on green construction paper leaves and green pipe cleaners for the stems of their flowers. For the flowers use small or large muffin paper cups. This will give a 3-D effect and allow the classroom garden to come alive. You can add bugs, insects, and animals to your garden if your class really gets into it.

Paper bag Flower Boxes Materials: Brown paper bag assorted construction paper scissors glue flower pattern glitter glue (optional)

For preschool age, you should cut the paper bag in half horizontally and make flower patterns ahead of time. Flowers can be as simple as cutting circles out of colored construction paper. Cut medium sized green strips for the stem. Have child open bag. The top portion of the bag should be cut into small strips beforehand as well. This will serve as the “dirt”. Place strips in bottom of bag. Then have child glue flower pieces together and glue to each side of the bag. I used glitter glue with my preschoolers and they just loved making their newly planted flowers sparkle!!

TP Roll Windsocks My 3, 4 & 5-yr-olds enjoyed attaching stickers and strips of tissue paper to empty toilet paper rolls to make windsocks for the Spring breezes. I provided them with 2 holes punched ready to insert lengths of yarn for hanging and helped tie the knots for younger 4s.

For spring in my 2-year old class, I made large flowers out of construction paper and put them on the walls with clear contact paper. What made these flowers special is that I measured each child and hung their flower at their height. I used green construction paper for a stem that went from their height, to the floor. On the center of the flowers I wrote the child’s name and height. It worked out really well for me because I tied it into our “growing things” theme. I explained to the class that flowers and children are both growing things. Everyone loved it and it really brightened up my room.

wind catchers

take one small empty strawberry basket that you buy strawberries in. cut long strips of land surveyor tape (comes in bright colors, pink, yellow or green) and tie the strips all around the top of the basket. Turn basket upside down and tie one stripe about 12″ long in a loop shape in the middle for a handle. hang your artwork outside in an airy place and watch it fly around.

This is a great spring (or wishing for spring) activity. Give each child a tree made out of stiff paper. Pop a batch of plain popcorn and place it in a bag or bucket with red or pink powder paint. Shake it until all off the popcorn is pink then have the children decorate their trees and turn them into beautiful blossom trees!
Make sure that you do this activity with older children (4 and 5’s).

In the Spring we make flowers with our hands and feet. This is a great craft for Mother’s Day. First I cut long, narrow strips of green paper and glue it on a large piece of large construction paper for our stem. Then I have them take off their shoes and I brush green paint on the bottom of their feet. They carefully step onto the large piece of construction paper, heels together and feet pointed at an angle. At the base of the green stem.) I then make a flower at the top of the green stem by brushing their hand with paint and make several handprints to form a flower. We place a photo of the children in the center of their flower and the mother’s love them.

“Spring Flower” have children use washable markers and color on a coffee filter when finished use a spray bottle with clear water and spray coffee filter all the colors they used will run together and when dry glue or staple on a stem.


Take one your left hand and trace it facing outward with a crayon. Draw a long skinny oval for the body on the outside of the hand. On the palm side. Then on the outside of the oval do the right hand with the fingers facing outwards. draw two lines up from the oval at the top. these are the antennas. then color in the hands to make it colorful this should look like a butterfly when finished.

Springtime flowers Cut out large cardboard flowers and let the children paint each petal a different color. Then take small pieces of crepe paper and crunch them up in little balls. Paste the paper on to the flowers. You can then display them on your wall as a flowerbed. You can also make leaves and insect to go in the garden.


Spring Art