Spring Art

“Spring Flower” have children use washable markers and color on a coffee filter when finished use a spray bottle with clear water and spray coffee filter all the colors they used will run together and when dry glue or staple on a stem.


Take one your left hand and trace it facing outward with a crayon. Draw a long skinny oval for the body on the outside of the hand. On the palm side. Then on the outside of the oval do the right hand with the fingers facing outwards. draw two lines up from the oval at the top. these are the antennas. then color in the hands to make it colorful this should look like a butterfly when finished.

Springtime flowers Cut out large cardboard flowers and let the children paint each petal a different color. Then take small pieces of crepe paper and crunch them up in little balls. Paste the paper on to the flowers. You can then display them on your wall as a flowerbed. You can also make leaves and insect to go in the garden.