Spider Art

Sing the song, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, or read the story to introduce this project.
Students will be making an Itsy Bitsy Spider, and water spout, which they can use to act out the rhyme.
A simple paper towel tube will become a water spout. You can paint it, if you choose.
Next, Cut a single egg section, from an egg carton, to make a spider. Add wiggle eyes and small pipe cleaner legs, and a smile to your spider.
Poke a small hole in the top of your spider and attach approx. an 18″ piece of yard or string, which you will thread through your “water spout”.
When you sing the song, children can pull on the string to make their spider “climb up the water spout.”
They can let the string go quickly to “wash the spider out”!
This is cute, easy, and loads of fun!


Black Paper plate, glue, plastic spiders

Have children drizzle the glue on the paper plate, encouraging them to make crisscross lines of glue. Then have them make one small puddle of glue to put the spider in. This has to dry for a couple of days but when dry the web is raised like in “The Very Busy Spider” Thanks to my mentor Karen L for the idea.

collect the “balls” that fall from SweetGum trees. Give each child one sweet gum ball and their choice of colors of pipe cleaners cut into fourths. The children will use their hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills to insert the pipe cleaners into the naturally occurring holes in the sweetgum balls. We create a spider web with yarn from the ceiling of the classroom and dangle our spiders from a short piece of yarn all over the room. My four-year-olds love this activity!

We had the paper plate web with pretty yarn. Some children were afraid of spiders, but we had pom pon warm fuzzies and caterpillars, there were wiggly eyes and pipe cleaner legs everywhere too.