Snowpeople Songs

Sung to the theme I’m a little teapot.

I’m a little snowman short and fat.
Here’s my scarf and here’s my hat.
When the snow is falling come and play.
Build a snowman every day.

A chubby little snowman had a carrot for a nose
Along came a bunny and what do you suppose?
That hungry little bunny was looking for his lunch…
And he ATE that snowman’s nose. .nibble nibble. .CRUNCH

The kids love this if you add hand movements. .be creative!!

This snowman song is sung to the song “5 little pumpkins”, I just changed some of the words.

5 little snowmen sitting on the ground, (pat hands on floor)
the first one said; “oh my aren’t we round.” (make circle with arms)
The second one said; “there are snowflakes in the air.” (wiggle fingers above head)
The third one said; “but we don’t care.” (shrug shoulders)
The fourth one said; “lets run and run and run. (pat hands quickly on the floor)
The fifth one said; “I’m ready for some fun.” (smile)
Whew went the wind (blow) and out came the sun (make circle with arms over head)
and the five little snowman knew their fun was done.( pretend your melting)

note: I made 5 sets of snowmen out of tag board and glued on Popsicle sticks. Each set were wearing the same colored hats and scarves (2 red, 2 blue, 2 green, 2 blue, 2 yellow). I gave 5 kids a snowman to hold during the song and make dance and had the other 5 on the floor (kids that did not have a snowman to hold did the actions to the song). At the end of the song the children with the snowmen came up and told me the color and matched it to the correct one on the floor. Repeat song till everyone has had a turn holding a snowman.

Once there was a snowman, snowman, snowman,
Once there was a snowman tall, tall, tall. (reach to the ceiling)
Then the sun it melted, melted, melted,
Then the sun it melted small, small, small. (pretend to melt.)

I am a snowman made of snow (stand still)
I stand quite still at 10 below.
With a big long carrot for a nose, (indicate body part)
And worn out shoes to make my toes.
I have two apples for my eyes,
And a woolen coat about this size. (measure)
I have a scarf that’s warm and red. (circle arms around neck)
And a funny hat upon my head. (touch hands to head)
The sun is coming out, Oh dear! (make circle overhead w/arms)
The sun is melting me I fear (begin to sink to floor)
Oh my, I was so nice and round,
Now I’m just a puddle on the ground! (curl up on floor)

Have children make a snowman small enough to glue to a “Popsicle” stick or tongue depressor. The snowman will be used as a small puppet to sing the snowman hokey pokey.

Snowman Hokey Pokey (to the tune of the Hokey pokey).

You put your snowman up, you put your snowman down,
You put your snowman up and you shake him all around.
You do the snowman pokey and you turn your self around,
Two stomps on the ground.

You put your snowman in front
You put your snowman in back,
You put your snowman in front and you give your knee a whack.
You do the snowman pokey and you turn your self around,
Two stomps on the ground.

You touch your snowman to your head,
You touch your snowman to your toe,
You touch your snowman to your head and you shake it to and fro,
You do the snowman pokey and your turn your self around,
Two stomps on the ground.