Snowpeople Snacks

Snowman Curriculum

Snow man rice Krispie treats. you make small balls of rice Krispies and then when there a little bit harder you stick three different size balls together to form a snow man. for the buttons you can use mini m&m’s and to make them stick you can use frosting. use licorice for a scarf and anything you want for the eye’s. everyone loves these great snacks from ages 3 to 103 years old. LOL!

To make a snowman snack, take 2 marshmallows and use frosting to keep them together. Use candy corn for a nose, red licorice cords for a mouth and scarf, and miniature marshmallows for arms, raisins for eyes and buttons. Do this in a small bowl and put coconut around it for snow. The frosting is used to attach all the other parts as well as the 2 marshmallows together. It is fun to eat.

A neat idea for snowmen snacks, take rice cakes let the children frost them with either cream cheese or frosting (they like frosting better), add either raisin, or chocolate chip eyes, and mouth, and a mini-carrot nose. They can then enjoy it for snack or bring it home to show off their cooking abilities.

Found this in a magazine… Use a small sugar donut with a hole in the center for the base. Put a donut hole on top. Decorate your snowpeople with red hots or chocolate chips for the eyes, a small piece of black licorice for the nose, and a small strip of red string licorice for a smile! A half of a jellybean makes a cute hat.

Snowman Soup

Put hot chocolate mix into a cup ADD: 2 Hershey kisses, 1 small candy cane, hot water and stir. Now, add: 1 ice cube and 3 marshmallow ‘snow balls’. Yum!

Pancake Snowman: Give the children three circle pancakes of different sizes. They make a snowman. Sprinkle them with powdered sugar. Add mini M&m’s for buttons, raisins for eyes, Redhots for mouth, etc. Then eat!