Snowpeople Art

Make Puff Paint by mixing glue and shaving cream (equal parts). Then using butcher paper, cut out 3 circles: one small, one medium, and one large. The children finger paint on the paper and then when it’s dry, hang it up in the hall for an instant snowman!

Contact Paper Snowman

Materials: contact paper construction paper (white and black) cotton balls stapler markers or crayons

Cut snowman shape out of white construction paper. Cut contact paper in shape of bottom half of snowman. (make sure sticky side is up) staple to snowman. Have children stick cotton balls on contact paper. Have children draw faces or whatever else they want and then cut out hat for them to glue on top!

Use three white cupcake liners to “build” a snowman and then provide scrap materials or other miscellaneous items for children to embellish their snow people. Sprinkle a bit of white or clear glitter on the snow person. Have children tell something about their snow person and write it on the paper.

Soapy Snowman Using a grater, grate soap like Jerkins or Ivory Mix with a couple tablespoons of water and mix into a ball using hands. Make three balls: one small, one medium, and one large. Add eyes and a nose using spices, use toothpicks for the arms, add fabric for a scarf, gloves, let your imagination run wild. Great for fine motor movement and fun!!