Snowpeople Art

This idea came from the director of a preschool. You take a piece of clear contact paper and cut it in the shape of a snowman. Staple the contact paper sticky side up and start to peel the paper so the children may peel the rest. Stick cotton balls on the contact paper and you have yourself a snowman. There is no waiting for drying and the children can take them home the same day. My three year olds loved doing this. Thanks Karen.

Mini Marsh Mellow Snow People

On construction paper draw a snowperson with a white crayon. Using white mini marshmallows have the children lick the bottom of the marshmallow and stick it to the paper following the circles of the pre-drawn snow person. This actually works! The marshmallows really stick to the paper. The kids love it and its a no mess project!!

Pre-cut snowpeople shapes on heavy weight paper (or tagboard)

Allow the children to glue mini-marshmallows all over the snowperson. Chocolate chips can be used for the eyes and/or mouth. To add more fun, glue on (pre-cut) top hats or scarves.

Be creative with different edible decorations that can be glued on. *Be sure to set some goodies aside for an extra yummy art project!:-)*

Each child will need 2 white paper lunch bags, a few sheets of newspaper, pipe cleaners in white, and red or green. Open up one bag and stuff with crumpled paper. Open second bag and fit over the top of first bag so that paper can’t fall out. Tie 2/3 up with white pipe cleaner. use other color to tie again to section off head, leaving a little of the pipe cleaner to hang down for scarf. Decorate face (we used felt for eyes and mouth, and an orange pipe cleaner for nose) We also used brown pipe cleaners poked into sides for arms. Better for 4’s and 5’s, or pre-assemble for younger ones and let them decorate with paint, or markers.

Using a rectangle of contact paper unpeeled have children sprinkle half teaspoon of ivory snow onto the contact paper and spread flat with spoon. Let children place precut construction paper pieces of orange nose, brown stick arms, and paper hole punched black eyes, and a black hat. Fold contact paper in half and seal the edges. You have created a melted snowman!

Roller Paint Ahead of time make a snowman template out of tag board. Then the child can use small roller painters to roll paint onto a piece of paper under the template. Take the template off and you have a nice snowman!