Snowpeople Art

Balloon Print Snowmen

To begin, inflate a balloon to about four inches in diameter and knot the end. Partially fill a shallow pan with white tempera paint. Dip the balloon into the paint, then press it three times onto blue or black construction paper. For larger circles press down on the balloon firmly, press less hard for medium circles, and for the small circle press down lightly. Let dry. Decorate with wallpaper scraps for a scarf (two rectangles), hat (rectangle and square) use a hole punch to create eyes, orange scraps for a carrot nose (triangle nose), fruit loop cereal for buttons. Add lace doily scraps for snowflakes.

We just did snowmen during our library story hour, and worked on a fun craft project. We read the book “Snowballs” by Lois Ehlert. Then we made collage snowmen similar to the snowmen pictured in the book. We pre-cut three white circles and had the children glue them onto a piece of blue card stock paper. Then we used food/natural products to decorate the snowmen – raisins, popped popcorn, popcorn kernels, dried split peas, sunflower seeds, noodles, etc. We also used ribbons for scarves, and black construction paper hats to finish our snowmen. The kids loved using their creativity, as well as eating some of the decorations along the way.

We did these yesterday, and they turned out so cute! Give each child a piece of royal blue construction paper (1/2 sheet). Then they take a large marshmallow, dip it in white liquid tempra paint and first “smear” it across the bottom of the paper, creating the ground covered with snow. Then they use the same marshmallow to “stamp” circles on top of each other to build a snowman. Then they use a q-tip to dot snowflakes falling from the sky all around. Then the next day, or when dry, the children used markers to add the details to complete the snowmen. My Pre-K students did these, and they were so unique and creative!

Make an outline of a snowman out of construction paper and cut it out. Also cut out a top hat out of black construction paper. Use shredded white paper from your shredder. Have the children put glue on the snow man and stick the shredded paper to it. Then have them glue the top hat on. Glue a candy corn on for the mouth, some fake eyes and four little pompoms for the mouth and three larger ones for the buttons. Use pipe cleaners for the arms. Very cute and very fun.

I take snow that you can buy at Christmas time. We glue it to already cut shapes of snowmen. We then add eyes and buttons and whatever else the kids can decide to the snow person.

Coconut sparkle snowman

Staple 3 paper plates together, the largest being the bottom and the smallest being the top. Have the children brush or paint white glue onto the snowman, then sprinkle with coconut and silver glitter. I used three small pom-poms for buttons and two for the eyes. We also glued on paper scarves. They smell great and look fuzzy too!