Snapshots of Summer Reading

This summer has been going by so fast. It’s been pretty crazy and feels a bit like a blur. We’ve been visiting our library in the midst of the chaos though and continuing to read. Here are a few snapshots I captured in some of those quiet, still moments.

O.K. this moment wasn’t so quiet, but it was at least pretty still. We had some of our cousins staying with us and did Madlibs as bedtime stories. My kids love Madlibs and are really good at telling you what a noun, or verb, or adjective is.


This one’s not necessarily a reading moment, but I wanted to share my cute little bulletin board I posted at my schools for our summer reading!


Did you know some LEGO sets come with little comic books? So fun!


The kids wanted to share some of their photo books they made with their aunt and cousin that were visiting. They felt so proud as she sat with them and each of their books aloud.


We got the kids’ cousin hooked on reading in bed with a night light while she was here visiting. So fun!


We visited a used bookstore and my sister grabbed some Shakespeare and challenged Mel to read some of it aloud. Here’s him trying. Ha!